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3/3/13 9:50 A

Thanks for the info. I usually walk comfortably up until about 3.8 and then from 3.9 to 4.2 it is awkward. I usually try to go about a min at 4.8-6.0 (this feels like a jog), then back to 3.2-3.8 for 30 sec to a min, then back up over 4.8 etc. I hit 2 mi in 30 min without much difficulty, and most recently did 3.1 in 52 min. Now to bring the 5K numbers down into the lower 40's by April? To do this I need to get the upper end speed interval to be consistently at at least 1 min, and my low end always at 3.6 or higher. Patience is not a strength of mine, so not progressing too fast is tough. Oh well, off to the gym!

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3/1/13 6:56 A

Most people max out their walking speed around 3.5-4 mph. Personally, I 'can' walk faster than this, but as soon as my attention wanders, I kinda slow back to that sort of pace.

Walking versus running is not about speed, and your slowest running pace may well be under your top walking pace. The difference is technique - with walking, at least one foot is always on the ground. With running, you are actually airborne for part of each stride. The only actual difference between running and jogging is the spelling.

If you have questionable knees, it is probably better to add intensity to your walking by adding hills to your route, rather than running.


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2/26/13 2:58 P

Here's how to show/hide your trackers on your page:

Yeah, as you lose weight, the rate of loss will slow... basically, the less fat you have to lose, the slower it will come off, until when you have 10 l bs to go, you'll be losing something like .25 lbs per week!

Vegetables are critical; if you don't care for them, you need to branch out and try new ways of preparation. What ways have you tried vegetables you didn't like? If you're like my husband, his primary exposure to vegetables was in a can and boiled. He once actually said (and I quote) "We already have corn, green beans, and peas, what other vegetables are there?"


Learning new ways of prep can go a long way to boosting your veggie intake.

Protein is critical, yes. The best way to get it is from whole foods, whenever possible. I read this article about protein powders today you may find interesting. I found it very enlightening (and up until now, have been using it regularly.)

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2/26/13 2:47 P

Not sure how to make trackers public?? I track every bite, and fill out my fitness info. Not sure about a fitness tracker?

I was consuming 1750-1850 calories with minimal activity and I was losing about 3 per week (weeks 1-15). I have slowed to about 2 lbs per week (weeks 16-24) with the same calorie consumption, so I assume with the increase in calorie burn 1500-2000 a week, I can eat/drink a little more and maintain 1-1.5 lbs a week.

Of course I know 300 calories of Chocolate won't do me any good, so I am looking to add some "good" calories. Unfortunately other than the vegetable soup I make and eat every day, I don't do vegetables! I assume with the weights and treadmill activities I might need to add protein. I guess it doesn't have to be a shake.

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2/26/13 2:16 P

Protein shakes are easy ways to get calories, but you don't really need them. The best time to drink one (it's not really eating... no chewing involved, unless you make yours REALLY chunky) is when you need it; there is no optimal time, although some research says within 30-60 minutes after a workout, others say there's no difference.

Have you set up your fitness goals here on Sparkpeople accurately? Before you start adding calories, make sure your calories count for more; you can easily eat 300 calories of chocolate and be left wanting more, or go for 300 calories of broccoli and be so stuffed you'd throw up. ;)

You don't have your trackers here public, so it's hard to make specific suggestions based on your diet. Are you tracking here?

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2/26/13 1:35 P

First a little background. I am a 50 year old man and 6 months ago I weighed 314 pounds. I am now at 250 pounds, and I did very little "extra" physically to get there. Now that the weight is coming off a little slower, I decided to kick in some physical activity.

I have been doing light weight training ( I worked out a lot in my younger days) and light walking for the past 10 days. I started slow in my walking 1.7 mi in 30 minutes, and have quickly increased to 2.3 miles in 35 min.( My goal by summer is 5 mi in an hour). By the way, what speed in considered walking/jogging/running?? Remember, I am a big guy with questionable knees.

Anyway, my real question, I am finding that the 1800 calories I have been eating is NOT enough. I am constantly looking for something to eat, and the quick choices are not always the best. I am willing to kick up to 2000-2200 calories as long a I keep losing 1-2 lbs a week for another few months.

I am thinking of adding a protein shake or something. When is the best time to eat that? I usually work out late afternoon or early evening. Weights 3 times a week, and the treadmill 4-5 a week.


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