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12/30/12 10:13 A

Thanks for the re pile. It is going to be the support that will help me out the most.It is hard for my family to realize just what I am going through. I guess it is that it is all new for me. I was with a doctor that had me on a diet for my weight but it was for calories but now I have diabetes it changes how I was doing things all together.
I will learn from this site and get to know a lot of great people. Thanks again keep in touch so I can see how you are doing

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12/30/12 10:02 A

Hi. I think I know alittle how you feel. I am a type 2 and just started on insulin. It's very intimidating!
Hopefully, with the education and support here we can manage our health!

BOBBIE119 SparkPoints: (4,635)
Fitness Minutes: (3,184)
Posts: 362
12/30/12 8:59 A

Thank you so much any information is going to be helpful. I know I can bet it also

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12/29/12 8:32 P

emoticon Back to Sparking Bobbie!

Here's a good article that you will find encouraging,

''I Beat Diabetes with SparkPeople!'' - I Beat Diabetes and You Can, Too

Best Wishes as you work on becoming healthier and more fit!!!

BOBBIE119 SparkPoints: (4,635)
Fitness Minutes: (3,184)
Posts: 362
12/29/12 2:09 A

Hello my name is Bobbie,
It has been a long time since I have been on here and now I can kick myself. For years now I knew I was over weight but I put it off and now I am in trouble. I just found out I am diabetic Type 2. My Doctor is sure that I can get it under control with diet and exercise. So the first thing I thought of is coming here to get back on track.
I do feel guilty for not doing this sooner but I am here now, maybe it took this for me to realize I can not keep on living like I have been.
I know with the help of all of you this is all possible.

I am not going to clam this, I am going to fix it.

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