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6/27/14 5:16 P

I will probably be overweight for the rest of my life, that is if I use BMI. I started the healthy kick about 6 years ago at 242 and 5'5". When I got down to 165 my doctor proclaimed me to be at a healthy weight. That was still at least 10 pounds overweight according to BMI. About 3 months ago I stopped trying to loose the weight. Since then I have dropped down to 159. I feel great and my health is really good. If I loose the last few pounds or not does not matter to me anymore.

6/24/14 7:49 P

I realized today that I am also "obese" according to the BMI (I have 3lbs to lose to get back to just "overweight"). To be honest, I've been around fitness and dietary issues for the better part of the last 12 years, and most people I know who are into that stuff believe that BMI is total garbage as a gauge of health. It's one of those calculations that been entrenched in the industry for so long that people keep using it, but it's actually a pretty useless measurement. You're better off calculating body fat % (there are calculators you can use online to get an estimate based off of your measurements).
Bottom line - if you don't feel healthy, if your body is sending off signs that you're overweight (tired, lots of excess fat, especially around the middle, difficulty doing physical activity, clothes not fitting, etc) - you've got all the information you need to know that you are not at an optimal weight for quality of life. I personally think the BMI is just more institutionalized fat-shaming to make people who already know they're heavy, feel worse about themselves.
Exercise and eat for health and vitality...not for numbers on charts.:) Good luck!

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6/17/14 1:18 A

I'm still obese as well. I got to get to 139# to be in a NORMAL BMI. But I'll get there.

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6/15/14 5:39 P

Have you taken some measurements as well?
I find that it could be another way to track progress and even though it for me often work accordingly to the weight I lose. However, I like it better since muscles can weigh more than fat then measurements tell more of the truth of how big or small you are.

If it all seems overwhelming then set small goals. Reaching the overweight zone first, then under 170's and so on. You have already lost 9 pounds so 20 is definitely doable. Also as the BMI method is not the most accurate method, I think you will find that when you are near what it counts as healthy weight, you will look pretty damn good. emoticon

Good luck!

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6/14/14 5:27 P

Okay, two steps forward and one step back. I have been doing really well this month with sticking to an active lifestyle and eating well. I think I have lost about 9 pounds. Progress! I am also set on getting 1,000 fitness minutes in the month of June. I already have 614 minutes and I still have 15 days left. So, great!

Okay...I just looked online and calculated my BMI. I got a whopping 33.9. Anything over 30 is obese. I guess I just didn't want to hear that. Even though I am feeling healthier and stronger I am still obese and will be until I am at 179 pound or under. That is over 20 pounds away. Then I will be "overweight" until I reach 149 pounds.

I'm freaked out. I know that I am committed to doing this long-term, but that is a lot of weight to lose to be at a healthy weight.

Obese is such an ugly word.


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