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5/4/13 7:33 A

May God bless your success on this journey we all share!

5/2/13 9:12 P

Thanks for the replies they really do help! It’s just nice to think others have (or are going through) the same type of thing and are making progress. I think people can be cruel…and I don’t think its intentional (or least I hope it isn’t) perhaps it’s just hard for people who are naturally thin to understand how even 10kg weight gain can 1) be hard to shift and 2) can knock your confidence.

Anyway, I will take one day at a time (all over again!) at least I can say I am trying.

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5/2/13 9:16 A

Ugh! Dummy! I get that at work too. This guy at a restaurant I work at always comments on my "badonkadonk." I don't think he realizes how hard I have been trying to lose my "badonkadonk." (It's not even a current phrase, really) I couldn't imagine in an office setting. How inappropriate! I try to think he is at least joking with me because I don't have a serious weight issue, just have gained a little mass. I don't think he would be making these comments if I was someone really struggling.

I have constantly been surprised on how hard women are on themselves, and how much men prefer different types of women. Another guy told me I looked fantastic in this skirt I was wearing. Men in the city seem to like the more stick figure girls. I once heard a friend say he will find the most attractive part of the girl that he likes (whether it be butt, legs, top, face, personality) and focus on that. All the more reason to do what makes you comfortable and happy.

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5/1/13 11:54 P

Welcome to my world!
But, hey, everyone has to start over (some of us many, many times!!).

In fact, for smokers, the research is quite clear, the very best predictor of success in smoking cessation is how many times the smoker has TRIED to quit! Who knows, maybe it is the same with those of us trying to shed weight, not cigarettes!?!?

For me, I try to consider EVERY day a fresh start, a new chance to make my goals, stay within my calorie count, go for that walk after dinner!! Some days I succeed, others not-so-much!

Give yourself a break! Honor your efforts.
Consider where you might be if you didn't/hadn't "started over" -- but you did, you are!

Graduate school has its own special challenges (my PhD is now ancient) so don't beat yourself up as you slog through the final stages of your degree work -- it will be worth the endeavor. Persevere!

And as for those jerks in your office -- don't just shrug them off, blow them off!
You don't have to say it out loud but consider, many of them will be bald and carrying a keg, not a six-pack as they hit middle age! Just the image of what they might look like (long after you're 13 kg lighter!) is enough to make you giggle all the way to the water cooler!

You can do this, I know you will!!


5/1/13 11:18 P

Thanks for your words!

we can do it! emoticon

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5/1/13 10:58 P

I am so sorry to hear about your frustration. I am having trouble getting by the rudeness of that "guy."
I would like to lose 30, healthy weight guidelines more like 50, but I have lost the same 10 pounds over and over again. The next ten, once in recent times...and the last 10-30 I have been carrying around for about 25 years. I try, I diet record, measure, weigh, join gyms pay trainers.... Even though I am not the success I hoped to be; I keep trying because I know I am healthier for the effort. You are healthier too! There are also so many inspiring people on this site who HAVE lost the weight. Keep up the good fight. emoticon

5/1/13 9:35 P

I am so annoyed with myself. I was doing well, things were going very slow but at least I was losing weight (just 3kg of 13kg that I need to loose). But I have been under a lot of pressure with a full time job and last year of a PhD. I eat when I am stressed. So I am sure you see were this is going, I have gained the weight back. And then today I visited one of the sites I work at (first time there for 6 months) and the guy says “so you have been eating lots I see!”. I know I shouldn’t let it affect me, and I really don’t care about his opinion about me, yet it touched a nerve. I am so frustrated at my inability to get my weight under control and people I work with think that it is fine to make comments but it really upsets me. And all the head work (tracking everything, going to the gym has gone to waste). I think I am a person how needs to see results….quickly and the slow weight loss makes me loose interest. I have an active job (thank heavens) so “walk a little further” etc doesn’t seem to do much for my weight loss. I just am so angry that I have to start again…and that no one even notices the work I am putting in and make jokes about my weight and how much I eat (it is quite male dominated my work place and I have to shrug of the comments). Anyway, just had to get this out of my system. Time to start again.

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