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3/3/13 6:19 A

It is nice that you do not need medication, but not everyone is. Some people take medication or light therapy and it helps them. Each of us in is a different place and time in OUR own lives and maybe someone else needs something that you do not. I would never suggest that just because my arthritic knees don't require me to use a cane, crutches, surgery or a wheelchair, NOBODY should need them and IF I did need them, I would hope someone would let me know those are potential options.

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3/3/13 5:53 A

I have depression with my ADHD and winter can make it worse if it is icey conditions. However I found keep moving anyway, I walked on the grass to keep from slipping and kept a eye on cheap gym memberships..
Result I don't need medications, light therapy or food to dull the blues.. Moving helps burn off stress hormones that tend to make us inactive and encourages the hormones the induce good humour to increase and the feelings of achievement when we return in the door again..

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NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,219
3/2/13 6:41 P

There are lots of people who actually are diagnosed with SADD and there are lights that actually are called something like FULL-SPECTRUM lights that mimic natural sunlight and they are supposed to help people in situations where they become depressed seasonally.

KIMBERLY19732 Posts: 289
3/2/13 6:24 P

Light Therapy has helped,also changed to fluorescent lights in some rooms. Going outside everyday, even if it's dreary helps me too.

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3/1/13 8:10 A

I am in desperate need of the sun, too! I was doing alright but the last few weeks have been so dreary... thank goodness the forecast for next week looks sunny!

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3/1/13 4:11 A

NEWBERRYBEAR71 - when people tend to suffer depression or worse depression in the winter, it is well worth looking at doing Light Therapy! Below is a link you may find helpful (if you aren't using it already!)

The other thing is, when you are really busy and stressed, it is best to write a list of all that you do, and then cross out those which are unnecessary or do less often those which don't need doing all the time. Also, even tho' your children are 4 and 7, they are old enough to have their own little chores - like setting the table, helping with the basics of meal prep (good way for them to learn healthy habits), making their beds and picking up after themselves. They are even old enough to wipe a bathroom down after a shower or bath. I used to have colour-coded laundry baskets (just little ones) and fold/iron the clothes and put each person's in their own basket. THEY got to put them away themselves. It REALLY helps to lighten the load, help teach them about being a team player, and can even make it into a game (see who can do it the quickest and neatest, etc.)

Good luck,

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,219
2/28/13 8:00 P

Thanks for posting that. I think I will check it out.

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2/28/13 7:54 P

You have my empathy NBB71, emoticon

Spring will come emoticon
I so prefer Spring, Summer and Autumn to Winter. It helps me to think about embracing Winter as a time to go within and work on my patience. I find doing meditation helps.
Here is a link to Deepak Chopra's (with Oprah this time) next FREE 21 day guided meditation challenge. I have done several of these and found positive perspects and lifting impact.

NANCYPAT1 Posts: 58,219
2/28/13 7:49 P

I have lived in Michigan as well as a few other places that have those LONG COLD winters - WV has cold winters especially in the mountains - hang in there and do the best you can. Do you have any special PLANS to help you avoid the temptations or to fit them into your LIFE STYLE PLAN? Having a plan even a plan to just MAINTAIN your current weight really helps. Just thinking about what your challenges might be and writing, blogging, posting, and journaling all can help to figure out the best way to get through this challenging time. When thinking about a plan, take into account the kids, the job, the schedule, the demands, the weather, your preferences, etc. Make it fit the situation and YOUR life. YOU CAN DO THIS and as long as you do NO QUIT, you will come out in the spring a little stronger and ready to return to the journey with your engine racing.

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2/28/13 6:33 P

I get a bad case of depression and anixiety, every winter. Michigan is terrible for its lack of winter sunshine. I take extra vit D and have used antidepressants in the past. I'm just coasting until spring. I have an erratic work schedule and 2 kids(4 and 7) and my job can be stressful. I also haven't been feeling well and I tend to reach for carbs when not feeling my best! I'm just trying to hold onto my 20+ lbs lost until the sunshine and my motivation return! Thanks, I feel a bit better! emoticon

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