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Do you have access to a gym ? Consider having a body fat test done. Any good personal trainer can do a 9 point caliper test. Don't let them use those hand held meters or body fat scales. those are notoriously inaccurate. If you want to know your current percentage of body fat, then get a caliper test done if you can't afford hydrostatic testing. If you use an online calculator, take those estimates with a grain of salt too.

What's your idea weight ? That's not an easy question to answer. BMI (weight divided by height squared) is one method to determine if you're at a healthy weight for your height. BUT it doesn't take lean muscle into account. a body builder is considered morbidly obese by BMI standards.

There are insurance charts that list weights which are considered healthy based on death rates. Meaning, if you weigh a certain weight for your height, you're less likely to die of heart disease than someone who is obese.

The other problem is that women tend to select weights which are too low. Many women tend to think they need to lose five pounds when they really are at a healthy weight.

What to do ? Instead of worrying about what your goal weight should be, why not start engaging in healthy habits and see what your body does. You might say you want to lose 25 pounds, but your body might only want to lose 20. that's why this isn't an exact science. for one woman at 5ft 5", 150 pounds might be the perfect weight. However for another woman at 5ft 5" tall, 135 might be the perfect weight. Which is right ? They both are depending on the person.

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Another problem is I don't know how much I really weigh. I know I have a lot of muscle in my calves and in my arms. So am I really 165? Ugh!

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