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9/16/13 3:34 A

Hi and welcome to Spark. I am much older than you, but would love to be friends as well. This is a great place for finding mature, motivating people! emoticon

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9/15/13 9:06 P

Hi. Even though I have been out of high school for four year I currently go to almost an all female school so I completely understand. I'd like to be friends.


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9/15/13 6:54 A

Hi, I went through a lot of the same things with my so-called friends in high school. As you get older, you will realize that it gets better. I know I'm a lot older than you, but if you'd like to add each other as friends on here, I'd love to be an accountability partner for you!

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9/15/13 12:27 A

Hi and welcome.

Your situation is not that uncommon. High school is a very strange, forced environment.It is pretty normal to outgrow those relationships.

If you are going to college you will find it is much different. A lot less drama!

Check out the teen and 20 something groups on here. You will find a lot of peeps on the same boat.

Also, check into volunteering with a group that you are interested in. Lots of folks and animals need help and it's a great way to make new friends.

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9/14/13 11:53 P

im 18. just graduated high school. My friends were getting less and less mature as the year went on. they were the type to just talk behind every friends back but be nice to everyone's face. so I just stopped talking to them after graduation. Has anyone had this problem

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