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I have lost my job

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Posts: 757
1/21/13 11:26 P

JENNIK2: Thanks for the encouraging words--

Posts: 757
1/21/13 11:25 P

Thank you GEVANS7. I believe with all my heart you are right. It was time to leave that high stress job where I was so unappreciated--I pray for better things ahead. I believe with all my heart things happen for a reason-- Thanks for the encouraging words--

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Posts: 1,097
1/21/13 7:31 A

An unhappy job is not a job worth having. You do have the right persepective and realize you need a better environment. There is little job security these days so NEVER take it out on yourself. Rest, recoup, treat yourself well and new doors will open.

Posts: 1,764
1/20/13 4:35 P

With a positive attitude like that, you'll be fine!

Posts: 757
1/20/13 3:44 P

Thank you Golflady11, for your encouraging words--

Posts: 757
1/20/13 3:43 P

Thank you Fitglamgirl, I agree things happen for a reason-- No paycheck but A Lot Less stressed-- That job was really getting to me anyway--It is probably for the best--

Posts: 2,033
1/19/13 3:52 P

Sorry to hear of your loss, but great attitude on focusing on your health. I understand, I had a job loss 3 years ago and haven't been able to find anything since but the upside is I lost even more weight since I left and am focused on building the person that I was meant to be. I hope you find another one right away when you are ready.

Everything happens for a reason!

SparkPoints: (33,399)
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Posts: 2,039
1/19/13 3:31 P

Great attitude!! Hope new and lasting opportunity opens up for you!!

Posts: 757
1/19/13 3:29 P

Thank you Graphics2, and this is so true---

Posts: 757
1/19/13 3:28 P

Thank you Angharad3, for these encouraging words and you are right, I really think I was done a favor, by being fired from that place. I was stressed and sick the whole time I was there and it's only been a couple of days since I was fired, and I am already feeling a lot less stressed, than when I was working at that place--

Posts: 757
1/19/13 3:24 P

Thank you Kklennert809, just resting for now and recovering from a bad cold so I guess on the positive side at least I lost my job at a time I could recover from being sick instead of having to go to work and "tough it out" Hope to get back on the weight loss wagon and back to my Spark People and tracking my food and exercise in a couple of days--Thanks again for the words of encouragement-

Posts: 966
1/19/13 5:13 A

So sorry. I have been there. Although there are many emotions now, you will one day look back and realize that it is best too leave. For now, channel your energies is finding more positive employment. It may not be in your very next job but it is out there.

Posts: 1,933
1/18/13 11:18 P

Keep a positive attitude, and remember, when one door closes another opens

Posts: 6,793
1/18/13 10:06 P

I am so sorry to hear that but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Stay positive and do some of the things you've been wanting to do but didn't have the time or energy for.

Posts: 757
1/18/13 9:53 P

Thank you Archimedes, for the words of encouragement. And I am trying really hard to not get depressed--

SparkPoints: (131,327)
Fitness Minutes: (198,465)
Posts: 19,568
1/18/13 2:10 P


I'm sorry that you were fired from your job. I understand. I was laid off from my job and I'm still looking. a friend of mine gave me this great thought.

"I've looked at lay offs as an opportunity. Not ones we've sought, but an opportunity none the less".

As others have noted, your health is extremely important. There is no point working for a job if it's damaging your health. Take some time to get yourself centered. Look at this time as an opportunity to improve yourself and your health.


Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:24 P

Thanks to all my Spark People for the words of encouragement God bless you all---

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:22 P

Barbwms: Thank you for the encouragement-- and I am glad for your friend, sometimes things just work out for the best---

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:18 P

Amen to that Sherri702: This is so true and that is exactly how I felt as soon as that "*****" fired me!! It was a weight off my shoulders--I look forward to something better coming along--

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:15 P

Hi There Obiesmom: That is great!!! and very encouraging!!! Congrats on being so brave and you are living proof that "when a door closes another one opens" !!!!!

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:13 P

Hi There Obiesmom: That is great!!! and very encouraging!!! Congrats on being so brave and you are living proof that "when a door closes another one opens" !!!!!

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:09 P

Hi There Cmcole: I know exactly what you mean!! I was on pins and needles the whole time I was at my job, because I knew the supervisor didn't like me and no matter what I did, she had made up her mind, and there was no changing it, so I was always stressed about everything I did, so in a way it was a relief when she "let me go " As soon as I walked out that door the stress was lifted off of me--I hope the best for you and remember. that what ever happens Things happen for a reason, and even if you are laid off, maybe something better awaits--

Posts: 9,118
1/18/13 1:07 P

I like your positive outlook.Good luck!

SparkPoints: (10,441)
Fitness Minutes: (1,501)
Posts: 433
1/18/13 1:03 P

You will find your way. You have been given the gift of make the best use of it you can until you find your new job. God Bless you

Posts: 757
1/18/13 1:00 P

Hi There CsRobertson: Thanks for the encouraging words and you are right, no job is worth my sanity. I know I am better off, and I look forward to moving on to better things--

Posts: 757
1/18/13 12:57 P

Thank you Fredsevolution---Feel free to friend me if you want to--

Posts: 757
1/18/13 12:55 P

Thank you Rebcca, and this is so true Hoping something better will come along---

Posts: 1,235
1/18/13 12:45 P

Best wishes.... your attitude is really impressive!

I had a friend who lost his teaching job a year or so ago.. and he has finally realized that it was a good thing for him... in his case, he probably subconsciously put himself in that position. He is now 40 pounds lighter (stress weighs a lot!), has found new things to do that he loves, and has regained his smile.

I hope all the good things for you as well.

Posts: 504
1/18/13 11:21 A

What a winning attitude! Good luck on your new journey... emoticon

SparkPoints: (104,097)
Fitness Minutes: (11,201)
Posts: 5,713
1/18/13 11:16 A

I am impressed by all the positive attitudes that are showing here. Just don't get down in the dumps. Put on your best clothes and hit the streets, build a great resume' NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.

Posts: 148
1/18/13 10:49 A

I just got my walking papers on Tuesday. After SEVEN yrs of loyalty to my boss and his company he decides to release me as of April 1! I was very upset at first bc I went thru a lot when I first worked here. So much so that he dropped my Monday and had the Office manager only working in office on Mondays so we'd be separated. It sucks but the very first thing I thought of was "now I can get myself back from the depths of hell and a job I hate w a passion".

Everything happens for a reason and we will find ours. ♥

Posts: 762
1/18/13 9:52 A

Great positive attitude, I wish you the very best.
I hope you get in great shape and de-stress!

Posts: 4,757
1/18/13 9:24 A

Wishing that you find a BETTER job!

SparkPoints: (58,398)
Fitness Minutes: (35,692)
Posts: 4,388
1/18/13 9:16 A

sorry you are dealing with this.

I left my previous job probably just before they would have canned me. I was basically offered a job nobody wanted, which meant if I stayed all of the folks that I had been supervising would still come to me to fix their problems (and the company wouldn't have to pay me as much). So I went in over the weekend, packed up my office, and left all of my 'company property' on the office manager's desk.

best thing I ever did. Now I work for a great company and with somebody who appreciates me.

I'm sure the perfect opportunity is out there waiting for you!

SparkPoints: (90,398)
Fitness Minutes: (69,095)
Posts: 2,848
1/18/13 7:23 A

Keep up the positivity and it will come through in your job search.

Posts: 2,667
1/18/13 7:05 A

Good attitude.

I've been waiting for months to find out which of us are being let go, and which are being kept - and the stress means that I have to be very careful eating - because I could do the stress eating and gain back all I lost, I'm sure.

Latest word is that we will know by Valentine Day

Posts: 9,684
1/18/13 12:20 A

Best of luck. Keep at it and you'll get through.

SparkPoints: (192,204)
Fitness Minutes: (178,600)
Posts: 6,152
1/18/13 12:12 A

Best of luck in all you decide to do.

Posts: 5,922
1/18/13 12:05 A

nice attitude..........good luck in all that you do.

Posts: 10,416
1/17/13 11:39 P

Another door will open.

SparkPoints: (46,636)
Fitness Minutes: (27,395)
Posts: 6,656
1/17/13 11:12 P

It's never easy to face uncertainty but you really have a winning attitude! I wish you the very best in your move to something better

SparkPoints: (61,330)
Fitness Minutes: (38,180)
Posts: 1,065
1/17/13 10:15 P

Hi there -- sorry you have lost your job, but glad that you are finding the silver lining. I know it was scary for me when I got laid off from my job (about a decade ago now -- hard to believe!), but it ended up being a very good thing. New opportunities, and a new attitude.

Hope you are on your way to more positive things as well. No job is worth your sanity.

Posts: 2,730
1/17/13 10:13 P

Be strong. Sounds like you are on your way to victory. I am also on a mission to drop 25 to 30 lbs by Late September. My oldest Son is getting married in November. Feel free to stop in and say hey. Wish you the best.

SparkPoints: (248,827)
Fitness Minutes: (144,461)
Posts: 19,912
1/17/13 10:05 P

Hello BONVOVI92,
Your health is the best wealth! Keep your winning attitude! One door closes so another can open.
Best of success to you!

Posts: 757
1/17/13 9:22 P

I got fired from my job this evening but I think it is a positive thing because I was always stressed while I was working there--So I am going to use this as a opportunity to get back in shape and regain my sanity back!! Losing a paycheck---Gaining my sanity back---and therefore my healthy life style will be better to obtain---

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