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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/21/12 9:11 P

Yes, it's fine now and then and part of "lifestyle".

But your original question was "Is it okay to do that if I'm under/in range?" The answer is that while now and then sure yes, basically it is something you should try to avoid, even those times you want cake. There are strategies you can put in place to have your cake and be in range too, and you should never be denying yourself nutrition to allow for cake.

Basically, yes you screwed up, no, it wasn't "okay". Move on, learn, grow. We all do that. :)

IRIS221 Posts: 20
10/21/12 8:59 P

I agree Lissabrooke92. I am over it. We are all only human and everyday is going to be different. Yesterday I messed up but today I made better food choices. I very rarely eat cake so I don't regret eating some yesterday b/c it was good,lol. Sometimes ya got to stop and smell the roses or in this case eat a piece of cake. :)

10/21/12 8:31 P

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. It happened and it's over and, as you said, it's not how you normally eat so why sweat it? I am terrible at falling off the wagon making my weight loss slow but I always get back on which is the important thing. As long as you do that then you're fine. It just means you're human.

IRIS221 Posts: 20
10/21/12 8:20 P

I agree that my food choices for yesterday weren't good but I don't eat like that everyday. It was one day and I usually eat healthier then that.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/21/12 7:36 P

Under range is as bad as over range, and both are bad when 600 calories (HALF of the under-range value) was just from cake.

In other words, you received about 600 calories of "nutrition" that day. That was a poor food choice.

If you're wanting to include cake on a special occasion, use your range. Get 1200 from "food", plus up to 350 from the cake, for a 1550 maximum.

Going under 1200 is very poor eating decisions, not good ones. You are not 'okay' because it was under. Under is bad.

IRIS221 Posts: 20
10/21/12 7:27 P

Thanks for your replies. Unident You're right 1660 calories would be going over my calorie range. I mean't to put 1162 not 1662 for my calorie intake yesterday. Oops! my bad. I didn't even notice that I had done that. I was really tired yesterday when I posted. Im glad you pointed that out. I will edit it. The cake was one single piece of cake. I was going to split it with my hubby but he didn't want any of it. I then fully intended to just eat half of it but unfortunately once I got started I couldn't stop. I did better today though and chose better snacks. :)

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10/21/12 1:38 A

In my humble opinion, falling off the wagon once in awhile is actually a healthy thing, even if it includes unhealthy food. After all, you stayed very close to your daily caloric range. I call that "partying with a conscience".

Spark On!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
10/20/12 10:13 P

Treats are okay now and then, but should be occasional and really a lot lower in total calories than that. Did you "need" to have both servings? Maybe next time just get one? Try to keep treats to a small enough margin that either it's 10% of your calories, or you use it as a the 'filler' in your range.

In other words, meet at least 1200 from "real food" and ensure your treat doesn't take you to over 1550.

I'm a bit confused though. You say it's within range today but your range is 1200-1550 and you ate 1662. That is over range, not within.

Try to work on having smaller treats - 600+ calories of a treat at one time is not part of a healthy balanced diet.

MDDLLAMA Posts: 97
10/20/12 9:42 P

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat once in a while. As long as its once in a while, I would not think twice about it. We all need to give ourselves a break. Keep up the good work!

10/20/12 9:18 P

I agree with SlimmerKiwi. I have days like that, and feel bad even if under calories. I have learnt though, to just pick myself, and move on. Tomorrow is another day emoticon

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10/20/12 6:53 P

Once in a very odd while, but generally it is coming at the expense of the nutrients that your body needs. It isn't JUST about calories - there are vitamins, minerals and fibre that you are missing out on.

Don't worry about whether you messed up today or not - that is the past. Instead focus on NOW and your future - and still enjoy the very occasional treats :-)


IRIS221 Posts: 20
10/20/12 6:39 P

I went to the store today and was tempted by a small piece of Red velvet cake that was 310 calories per serving. There was 2 servings so it came out to 620 calories. I ate the cake for dessert. I know thats alot of calories but I actually came in under my 1200-1500 calorie intake for today. All together I consumed 1162 calories. My question is, is it ok to eat a high calorie cake like that if I stay under or within my calorie goal like I did today or did I mess up by eating that cake b/c of the high carb content? I know that calories aren't the only thing that Im supposed to look at but did I still do good today even with all the carbs?

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