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1/16/13 1:31 P

Anything wet is water.

Coffee, tea, milk, juice, flavoured water ... nothing you put into water is going to make the H2O molecules suddenly become some other kind of molecule.

Artificial sweeteners are proven safe, but if you prefer not to load your body with chemicals just try smaller doses of naturally sweetened products, or plain water.

Deb, in New Zealand
KATHRYN74 Posts: 328
1/16/13 12:41 P

Have you tried stevia? You might need to try a couple of different types.
You can cook/bake with it too.
I have switched from artificial sugars and the results have been great!

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1/16/13 12:16 P

yes it counts. You just need to make sure not to overdo the artificial sweetener. Like in diet soda, equal ext. they can bring on diarrhea if too much is consumed.

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1/16/13 12:12 P

Personally I wouldn't. I'll count herbal tea towards my water as long as I don't put any sugar or honey in it.

- Kristen
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1/16/13 11:42 A

Does drinking tea with artificial sweetener count?

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