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12/6/13 8:14 A

it's great that you have taken that first step.
now you need to get to someone with professional qualifications. oa is one way, you can call your doctor for a referral or if you have a religious leader that you feel comfortable with that's another option. but to get an actual diagnosis you need to see someone in person. and that's how you actually start getting help. random strangers on the internet can be a helpful support network once you have seen someone and started working through it, but we can't do much about the figuring out what it is and how to treat it. in that sense it's like being run through with a sword. sure, you can use the internet to figure out what kind of a sword it was, what organs it went through, and get other people's comments on the incident. but the really important thing is to get to a doctor who can assess the situation and sew you up.

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12/6/13 7:43 A

Contact OA chapter in your area (Overeaters Anonymous). I have a few friends on SP with eating disorders and they have found this organization to be a life saver for them.

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12/6/13 3:42 A

The first thing to fixing a problem is admitting that there is a probelm. I think I have a eatting disorder. I cant stop eatting. I feel like im always eating. I can tell myself over and over again to stop and I cant. I really need some help with this so if anyone has advice please can i have it

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