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8/12/14 2:01 P

I'd definitely go with tracking. "Buy" a healthy meal plan. When you actually spend money, you'll want to reap rewards. You will make sure you will eat the right meals at the right time.,

8/11/14 11:02 P

Couple things that might help...

- Don't come home starving. If you know the odds are strong that there will be a less-than-healthy dinner on the table or a bunch of crappy snack foods, make sure you take a healthy snack to eat in the car about a 1/2 hour before you get home.

- Track what you eat (including the unhealthy dinner and crappy snacks) BEFORE you eat them. This may help you eat reduced portion sizes if the calorie count is too high.

These things help me when I'm in this type of situation. HTH!

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8/11/14 1:04 P

Why don't you put a GOOD meal together in the crockpot, set it on LOW and have a delicious, healthy meal for dinner?

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8/11/14 12:46 P

I agree with both ladies comments about eating and planning meals. I do almost all the shopping and cooking in my house, so it's not as difficult as you have it.

One thing I've started doing lately to get help with preparing meals is to plan the weeks menu over the weekend. Maybe you and your husband could sit down and plan meals that he would like and would be good for you as well.

When all else fails, a great big salad with some chicken, tuna or egg on it will fill you up and be great for you.

Keep the focus! You can do it, just try making little changes at a time so you feel the success right away

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8/11/14 12:29 P

ALso, look for healthy crock pot recipes, the whole "set it and forget it" thing will help!

Or maybe you should do the grocery shopping?

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8/10/14 7:21 A

Hello RBrand1,

Your nutrition is 80% of the equation for losing weight. It sounds like you need to start cooking for yourself. Making big batches of food and dividing it into serving sizes for easy and fast food later is one strategy. Eating fresh unprocessed food can be easy. If you want to succeed you do need to delete excuses and take action. Eliminating junk food will not only find you feeling healthier but will give you more energy. emoticon

Here is an article to help:

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8/9/14 8:57 P

I'm really trying to keep my motivation. My hubby, while supportive, just doesn't care about losing weight, or eating healthier, etc. So his support isn't the best. I mean he gives me great lip service, and at times tries to cook better meals, he does 90% of the cooking, but he always buys junk food, and at times cooks crappy meals. And by the time I get home from work and Crossfit, I just don't have the energy to cook myself a second supper.

So this board will be a place I think I'll be visiting frequently to help keep my motivation level high.

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