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Really, you can't answer this question without knowing how much the slice of cheese or meat weighs. Different deli slicers will cut differently, and cheeses have different calorie counts.

You can get a fairly good electronic food scale at Target for under $20. And if I may suggest, don't let Christmas sneak up on you next time. Start saving for it in July and then you'll have cash on hand for gifts.

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1/5/14 12:38 P

you have to do the math. your total purchase will have the total weight of all the slices.
then count the slices. divide the total weight by the number of slices and that is how much each slice is.
the last time i bought mozzarella i bought 3.9 oz or .24lbs of it and it was five slices. so .24/5 is .048lbs per slice or you could do 3.5/5 to get .78oz per slice. there will be some rounding errors, but it's small enough not to make a difference.

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So first of all, I KNOW i should get a food scale...that's the next thing on my wishlist after I finish paying off all my christmas debt emoticon

Anyways, I normally buy my cheese and lunch meat at the deli counter at HEB, and ask for them to be sliced at 1 so they are very thin. Does anyone have any idea how many ounces a slice of cheese, sliced on 1, is? I would like to know so I can accurately enter them into my nutrition tracker. Thank you!!!

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