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SUSANSCH Posts: 170
7/17/11 7:37 A

I have a hard time controlling portions around cravings, so I try to have only small portions of these things in the house... either prepackaged reasonable amounts, or just buy what I'm going to eat at one sitting and then don't have them around. I developed a strange relationship with food by depriving myself, so be careful. Better to listen to your body than to try to control it.

CRYSTAL8488 SparkPoints: (0)
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7/17/11 3:12 A

My husband never has to worry about weight and what he eats, I got sick of him eating all this ice cream and I couldn't have any. So, I went in search of something! I found these ice cream bars with fruit flavors, 14 calories, 4g carbs, sugar free and gluten free..they are called Sweet Delites made by the company PhillySwirl. If I'm getting a craving for something sweet I have that and I'm not filling my body with lots of extra calories or fat. :)

ARTEMIS83 Posts: 309
7/16/11 4:51 P

Thank you all for your comments! Indeed, I am aware that this is not a life long healthy eating - I guess it is more my wish to see that I can control my feelings and not give in so easily. In the end I started to clean the house :) - and yes, I treated myself with a lot of beef meat and some kiwis! :) For today this is it! :)

But yes, I am aware and even a bit afraid of how will I react once I allow myself sugar and white wheat again. Lucky I know I can rely on you to help me with this too :)

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,022)
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7/16/11 3:03 P

Personally, I don't believe in depriving myself of a food (like chocolate) that I really want to eat. I'm a big believer in portion control. However, if you want to abstain from eating treats, but would still like something sweet, how about some fresh fruit ? a nice juicy orange, strawberries, blueberries or even some slices of pineapple should have just the right amount of natural sugar to curb your "craving".

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HELZIE Posts: 509
7/16/11 1:57 P

Usually when I crave things, I distract myself. Then later on in the week, I treat myself. Making me wait for it is not giving into the craving, but not completely ruling it out either. By the time I have allotted to eat whatever it was, if I no longer want it, it's a bonus!

SMASH637 Posts: 392
7/16/11 12:28 P

Sometimes it's better to allow yourself a little treat now and then to squash the craving. If you're too feeling too deprived, it's hard to stick to the plan long-term.

SYLVIE_RUNS22 SparkPoints: (17,176)
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7/16/11 12:05 P

Congrats on your willpower to go 16 days w/o sweets or starches. I couldn't do it, but i wholeheartedly believe in taking things in moderation and not just completely cutting them out.

Good for you though that you see your body's signs and are going to start introducing them back in. Just be weary that when you do, you might see a much slower weight loss than before (though it sounds like you know this already). Just follow a good nutrition plan after you finish and you'll do great!

Good luck on your journey! SPARK ON!

ARTEMIS83 Posts: 309
7/16/11 11:26 A

Ohhh...I am for 16 days with no sugar, sweets, chocolate, rice, bread, pasta or potatoe! In rest, I eat pretty much everything. But I woke up with a big craving for all of the above mentioned, especially sweets! :((((((
I will introduce them in my life again, but I was hoping to be able to abtain myself for 2 more weeks, so I get closer to the weight I want and lose the rest at a slower pace. Being Saturday, we went grocery shopping and I saw all these nice I am back home but I can't stop thinking of them! :(

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