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3/8/13 10:16 A

As the others have said, weight loss is mostly about how much you put in your mouth, not about how much you move your body. So there's no reason you couldn't lose weight and not exercise at all. Exercise is probably more important for health than weight loss alone is, though, so if your doctor says you can do something at all (even something light), it's still worth doing!

3/7/13 9:29 P

I just had "catheter-directed thrombolytic therapy" as I had DVT, and they found a clot in my iliac vein.

My MD suggested losing 10% of my current weight and walking. Walking with a cane if I need to, but get moving. Don't sit or stand for too long.

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2/2/13 5:50 P

I've had DVT's and PE's. they are no fun and I sympathize. I'm in agreement that you should consult your doctor. And you're to be commended for making weight loss a goal. I was told in the hospital that by getting down to a healthy weight, I would greatly reduce my chances of clotting. I've been overweight my whole life and up until last year, it had never affected my health. But then it all came crashing down. Do what you can for now, but PLeASE stick to your goals.

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2/2/13 3:56 P

I had a DVT in my right leg. I was scared to exercise in fear that in would have further complications. I was afraid of jarring it and ending up with a pulmonary embolism like my sister had. I wish now that I would have done more to be active since I have gained 30 lbs in 7 months. I'd stay away from running and do some brisk walking. Exercise will help in the long run with keeping the blood flowing. December I was cleared with no presence of I am trying to take my own advice. And, yes you should talk to a doctor first about exercise.

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12/19/12 6:47 A

There is no reason you can't lose weight without exercise - for most people, weight loss is 80% nutrition, and just 20% exercise.

I agree that you should speak with your doctor about what you CAN do. Questions to ask your doc include - can you do low intensity exercise (eg. walking)? Can you strength train? Can you do upper body exercise (eg. arm ergometer, some martial arts punching, etc)?


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12/18/12 11:05 P

Please note that ALL information regarding your activity must be given to you from your doctor and that includes walking. It is outside the scope of advice for our members and experts to suggest exercise recommendations.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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12/18/12 11:03 P

Hi Sparrky,

Weight loss is related more to what we eat than what we do. So if you are tracking your nutrition and eating within your calorie range, you should be able to lose weight.

Coach Nancy

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12/18/12 11:03 P

Weight loss is mostly about diet, which is why its so difficult (for me).

Maybe a walking program can help. :)

I'd run your intentions by your doctor and see if they would clear it. In the meantime, get to know the nutrition tracker intimately.

Also, I would make any drastic dietary changes known to your doctor or whoever is managing your medications. Changes in your diet with specific foods can influence the effectiveness of your anticoagulation medications.

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12/18/12 10:09 P

Hello! I am new to this site and I'm really excited. My problem is that I have a DVT in my left leg and I cant really exercise the way I need too. I need to know how I can lose the weight if I am not able to physically workout? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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