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6/18/11 6:19 A

I hate the dentist, but it needs to get done.

As someone posted already, start slow and work your way up. Pick a time everyday to do 10-20 minutes of anything and gradually build up. After a couple of weeks of persistence if you skip a session it will feel wrong. Being consistent is the key.

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6/18/11 2:37 A

I don't hate exercise so much as i get bored while Im doing it...looking at the timer on the machine.

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6/18/11 12:01 A

Anything is exercise! Dancing in your living room, playing ping pong, you can find something you like to do and turn it into an exercise~

6/17/11 10:37 P

swimming is fun

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6/17/11 9:18 P

I, too, hate formal exercise, and although in the past I've forced myself to follow an exercise regimen, I've never been able to stick with it more than two years. I've turned a corner in my weight loss/nutrition journey, though, and I'm more realistic about my goals. Here are some things I've realized:

1) I believe that 85% of losing weight is about what I put in my mouth, not formal exercise. So, my first focus is on eating right.

2) Another realization I've had is that being "active" is about lifestyle choices, not necessarily formal exercise. I mean there are plenty of people who sweat it out in the gym for an hour a day but sit behind a desk during the day and on the couch watching tv at night. So, actually, they're not burning too many calories in the long run. So, with that in mind, I try to work exercise into my daily routine and find ways to "multi-task." For example, if I haven't been too active during the day, I might devote myself to doing an hour of housework later in the day. I'm cleaning house AND I'm burning calories. I take my dogs for two, 20-30 minute walks a day. Also, I work from home a lot on the computer. It sounds weird, but I had my husband set up a workstation on my treadmill so that I can work on the computer and walk (2.5 mph) at the same time. It was really easy to get used to, and I by doing that, I usually manage to walk 2.5 - 5 miles a day, 5 - 7 days a week.

3) I would like to be toned, although I'm not aiming for bodybuilder status. I hate formal weight lifting routines, so what I've been trying instead is the KISS method (you know, "Keep It Simple, Stupid"). I focus on push ups, sit ups (bicycle kind), and squats or lunges. Three days out of the week, I will do one set of each of those aforementioned exercises when I have a few minutes here and there throughout the day. I try to get in five sets for the day. So far, that has been working for me, and has seemed effortless. It may not get me a "smokin'" bod, but it will definitely make me more toned and I may be able to stick with it.

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VCZK2TJ17 Posts: 1,266
6/17/11 10:29 A

candie, I agree with you. i don't like exercising. I do it because I have to. also, i have a couple of dogs that require 2 walks a day. if you have a dog (or 2) or have neighbors that have a dog (or 2), take a dog for a walk at least once a day. I can guarantee that if the dog walks nicely while on a leash and doesn't over react to other animals, you would enjoy spending time with the dog. and the dog will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you for the rest of it's life if you take it out for daily walks. (can you tell i am a dog lover? LMAO)

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6/17/11 10:27 A

me too and I joined a boot camp that does one hour a day, 3x a week. Now I get in cardio and strength training and dont have to spend hours in a gym...I do it cause it is good for me and I love the way my body responds to it! (no more sore back, hips and legs) emoticon

PINKPEARL8 Posts: 969
6/17/11 10:24 A

I have gained so much weight that it makes it hard to get motivated. Everything on my body hurts, every muscle and every joint seems to give me problems. I know the key to this would be to begin something but the energy isnt there so forcing it can be hard.

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6/17/11 8:55 A

What about bowling? Social and active.


ILOVEMY2BIRDS Posts: 2,646
6/17/11 7:57 A

I understand how you feel. I find if I just do it I feel so much better. But I really have to talk myself into doing it almost every day.

NHELENE Posts: 1,505
6/17/11 7:47 A

I agree with the group classes others have mentioned. I really got in the habit of working out regularly by taking karate, and now I do capoeira. It's just more fun to be doing something social.

ARTEMIS83 Posts: 309
6/17/11 7:12 A

I am also trying to include some more exercise in my daily activity ... didn`t have much luck up to now...probably for the same reason as you. But we will manage it...eventually! :)

BROWN64 SparkPoints: (21,857)
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6/17/11 7:07 A

I used to hate it too but now I do it every day. Some days I exercise more but if I don't have the time 20 min goes by very quickly on the elliptical when I watch Judge Judy. She cracks me up and if you buzz through the commercials it is 20 min.

JDELEON81 SparkPoints: (12,792)
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6/16/11 11:08 P

Sometimes I love to exercise and sometimes I hate it. I have a problem dealing with everything in my life and when it gets the best of me, instead of wanting to beat the crap out of a workout.. i just want to curl in a ball and sleep! don't know how to change this!

AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
6/16/11 10:17 P

Try looking for a physical activity that you truly enjoy and make it a point to do that more often. If there is truly nothing, they try adding other levels of enjoyment to something boring.

Example: When you watch your favorite TV shows, get off the couch and do some jumping jacks, job in place, or light strength training.

If this isn't good enough try for something with an immediate reward in it. If the place you live in is a mess, put some extra effort into cleaning up. I even like to make my exercise routine profitable. Where I live ever soda bottle I pick up that someone else tossed out is worth 5 cents. Trust me, change adds up fast. I easily make an extra couple hundred bucks every year because of it.

If still nothing works for you, the good news is, it really is possible to lose weight by diet alone, so no worries and best of luck finding what works for you.

CRZYQUILTER Posts: 4,680
6/16/11 9:54 P

I have NEVER been a physical person. I didn't play sports, failed the presidential fitness tests every year and basically was a couch potato.
I do like walking as long as it isn't too hot or cold outside. I love to dance and if the music has a beat, I'm dancing. I try to play upbeat music at home when I'm cleaning. Next thing ya know I'm dancing. I knew I could never commit to a lot of exercise but also knew that I needed at least SOME. So I found a 30 minute class at my local community center. It's 3 days a week just 30 minutes each day and only costs $20 month. I struggled with it at first but now have no problem doing it. I've kept at it for 3 years now. I wouldn't have lasted as long if I had tried to do a more intensive program. Start small because even some activity is better than none.

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
6/16/11 9:54 P

I too joined the gym but more for the group classes. I find them less tedious than the cardio equipment, which I do use as well and it helps that I can watch tv when I do. With the classes I feel more accountable since the 'regulars' know when you aren't there and there is a social aspect to it as well. And, I don't want to waste the money I am spending. So far it has worked and I only missed 1 of my planned workout days in the month since I started!

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6/16/11 9:25 P

HAHA, Candie45212.
I hear you. I also hate it, always have and always will. Doesn't matter what it is, I don't want to do it everyday for the rest of my life (or for how ever long).
Running, walking, soccer, kickball, swimming, WHATEVER.
BUT, BUT, BUT....I know I have to do something. So what did I do? I bit the bullet and joined a gym and I walk on the treadmill, Monday thru Friday. First day was hell, I last 15 minutes, felt stupid and probably looked stupid. But I did it. I have been going now for 45 days. Am I used to it, NO!, Do I enjoy going now, NO.
BUT, BUT, BUT, I know I have to do something. I have to do it for me. Which is the main reason why I joined Sparkpeople and the gym, FOR ME!!.


DRACIL Posts: 144
6/16/11 7:36 P

Then try Tabata. It only takes 4 minutes. But it'll be the worst 4 minutes of your life if you do it right.

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,772)
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6/16/11 7:25 P

What have you tried so far? I'm sure there are some activities out there that you might enjoy. Group classes, hiking, jogging, weight training, exercise videos, biking...

GRRARRGH SparkPoints: (33,430)
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6/16/11 6:52 P

There's nothing at all you enjoy doing? You don't like to walk or run or bike or swim or rock climb or lift weights or dance or do DVDs??? Nothing? If you really can't find something you enjoy, you may have to just find something to distract you while you're doing it. But I bet that if you really look around you, there's something you like to do to get your heart rate up, even if it's not traditional exercise.

CANDIE45212 Posts: 7
6/16/11 6:34 P

I can't seem to find any motivation to start an exercise routine because it is just so boring to me and i hate it!!

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