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I agree with the previous posts. There probably is something else going on that you and maybe dad are not aware of. if dad is open to it, contact your local human service agency or counseling center. Make an appointment and talk about your concerns. You could always talk to the child's pediatrician. They may have some suggestions or referrals.
My experience is based on having three children with mental health diagnosis's. Also, I work with families that have children diagnosed, as a Family Advocate. I just wanted to share that so you did not feel I was a parent with no experience at all.

5/16/13 11:52 A

That's tough. I have a 6 1/2 year old and a 5 year old and have never seen them act that way. Has the dad taken him to see the doctor or even a psychologist? It seems to me like the child has some issues that he needs help working out. You also need to make the decision if you love this man. I am going to say you do since you have been with him for 8 months and it sounds like you have been dealing with it since the beginning. What does the dad say, how does he feel about whats going on. I think there are a lot of questions, and a doctor and/or psychologist might be helpful. Good Luck!!

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5/15/13 10:36 P

NiceMom My son was like that we went threw the same thing turns out the reason punishment wasn't working like we thought it shuld is he had mild cerebral palsy nothing you could tell from looking at him but the docs caught it after 2 years also there could be a lot of attention issues If you love the dad don't run try to get help for the boy if crop punishment wont work on a 5 yo then there is deff something deeper going on

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5/15/13 5:37 P

My boyfriend of 8 months has a 5 year old from Hell. He has an explosive temper and will hit my 12 year old and anyone else in his way while he's on this rampage. My boyfriend practically kills this poor child just to get him to behave. It doesn't work because this is a daily thing, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. The boy lives with his dad 90% of the time and his mom the other time. She has 4 other children, all from different dads, and doesn't pay any attention to them. I'm wondering if I should just run now because my son and I don't believe in violence, but this child is out of control.

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