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I had my husband hide the scale and I feel great!

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3/15/12 8:04 A

I am caught up in weighing myself too, but am practicing self-control. I joined a team that weighs ONCE a week on the same day and stays off the scale the rest of the time. It's working much the same way your method is... I'm happier and feel much more successful!!! Here's to both of us and finding solutions emoticon

Posts: 6
3/15/12 8:02 A

I am the exact same way -- I actually would get up and be all packed to go to the gym in the morning and if I stepped on the scale and it was up - I would get all depressed and go back to bed instead of going to the gym.

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3/15/12 8:01 A

Yeah for you! The number on the scale is only one indicator of how you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Posts: 15
3/15/12 7:56 A

Great Idea! I may have to enlist the help of my husband for the very same reason.

Posts: 756
3/15/12 7:55 A

I have done the same thing this time. I have overcome the timeframe where I have fallen off the wagon in past attempts. My focus is consistency with exercise and nutrition.

Posts: 124
3/15/12 7:54 A

What a great idea!

I'm currently in a place where I've lost loads of weight initially, but now it seems my body is playing catch up and I've been stuck for weeks.

I feel better (dropping the stodgy food has made a massive difference) but I do weigh myself fairly regularly.

Maybe it's time to start weighing once a month?

You keep up the good work.... Shaz x

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Posts: 44,652
3/15/12 7:49 A

Great idea...I might have to do the same!

Posts: 8
3/15/12 7:45 A

Oh i so agree how that can change your mood- if the scale shows you lost wahoo! If for some reason it shows an increase i feel why bother! So i think i will move my scale to my basement, that way it won't be staring at me when i get up in the morning!

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Posts: 1
3/15/12 7:40 A

That's a great idea, and "hiding the scale" is one of the best things I've done yet. I used to weigh in every day, and for every day of victory (i.e., unexpectedly losing an extra half-pound), there were always two or three more days that I would view as defeat over some number to the right of the decimal. The fact of the matter is, nobody loses weight in a perfectly straight line. If you feel better and are happy with yourself, why fret over one silly number?

Posts: 31
3/15/12 7:39 A

Good for you!!!!!

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Posts: 1
3/15/12 7:38 A

Thanks for confirming what I also believe. I would always feel defeated whenever I stepped on the scale because I would over-estimate how much I thought I lost, and when it wasn't as much, or nothing at all, I would feel discouraged and less motivated to keep going. Whenever anyone asks me how much I weigh or what my goal weight is, I just tell them I don't weigh myself and my goal is to be in a certain size clothes or that I will know when I get to where I feel my best.

Posts: 5,628
3/15/12 7:38 A

I am addicted to the scale as well . . feeling just like you -- thinking I'm making progress because I'm doing all the right things . . only to see the scale not move or move in the wrong direction. I don't think I could stop weighing in daily cold turkey and start to weigh in only once a month, but I joined a challenge and we weigh in once a week. I'm starting there. Love to follow your progress.

Good luck -- we're all cheering for you.


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Posts: 1,026
3/15/12 7:38 A

The scale is my friend. It will state the truth. I weigh everyday so that my mistakes can be adjusted quickly. I don't care whether I am down. I only care whether I am up.

But once again you have to do what works for you.

Congradulations on finding what works for you. Best wishes on your journey to a healthy you.

SparkPoints: (107,373)
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Posts: 3,795
3/15/12 7:37 A

I use my jeans for a daily weigh-in but still get on the scale every Monday for the discipline I need to stay on my path. Good for you!

SparkPoints: (5,385)
Fitness Minutes: (16,631)
Posts: 51
3/15/12 7:36 A

Thank you for sharing that! I have been working out most days and not seeing the results I want on the scale. I think I will leave it in the closet for a while so that I don't sabotage myself!!

Posts: 70
3/15/12 7:30 A

great idea

SparkPoints: (2,803)
Fitness Minutes: (764)
Posts: 175
3/15/12 7:26 A

emoticon excellent. I'll follow you :)

SparkPoints: (13,606)
Fitness Minutes: (5,320)
Posts: 130
3/15/12 7:24 A

What ever works for you!! Keep it up and you will feel better and better.

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Posts: 774
3/15/12 7:19 A

That's a great idea! Might need to borrow it :) But I might need to weigh in every week or every other week.

Posts: 490
3/15/12 7:16 A

The scale is a tool. Each person needs to learn to use that tool to their advantage. I weigh myself once a week and no more. If I start weighing myself more often, it effects me negatively. If I weight less often then I am not accountable. I hope your new system works for you.

SparkPoints: (11,568)
Fitness Minutes: (55)
Posts: 187
3/15/12 7:15 A

Good idea. This has worked better for me than daily weighing. I used to get so despondent when the scale didnt reflect the effort I'd made.

Posts: 2,898
3/15/12 6:51 A

To each there own, I do know how you feel and how the scales can deflate you at times so ... emoticon

Posts: 2,390
3/15/12 6:45 A


SparkPoints: (1,804)
Fitness Minutes: (3,255)
Posts: 9
3/15/12 6:42 A

I know a lot of people who weigh in rarely. I have found for myself, that if unchecked, I could gain 15 pounds in a month, easily!! So I do weigh every day. I have a range that makes me happy, realizing that my weight will fluctuate a bit, but it is sure easier to get off 2 wayward pounds than have to deal with 15. Just works for me.

Posts: 4,583
3/15/12 6:41 A

emoticon just keep your focus on the positive things you are doing such as emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Posts: 8
3/15/12 6:29 A

That's a really good idea! Keep up the good work, as long as you feel good that's all that truly matters!

SparkPoints: (940)
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Posts: 10
3/15/12 6:23 A

as long as you feel good and look good, that's all that matters! Good luck and keep up the great job.

SparkPoints: (1,688)
Fitness Minutes: (505)
Posts: 30
3/15/12 6:22 A

What a terrific idea! You have really got a handle on this. Keep on, keeping on. May GOD continue to give you all you need. I will be praying for your success. I only weigh once a wekk. For the last 3 years, I weighed every 6 weeks, but I'm down to the last 18 pounds, & I get antsy. I praise your husband for helping you too. Good job to you both!!!

SparkPoints: (186,774)
Fitness Minutes: (145,635)
Posts: 11,970
3/15/12 6:21 A

Good for you.
I also have a tendency to let the scale rule my progress.

Posts: 1,310
3/15/12 6:20 A

Good job.

Posts: 568
3/15/12 6:11 A

Great idea emoticon

SparkPoints: (248,303)
Fitness Minutes: (174,915)
Posts: 14,819
3/15/12 6:01 A

I wish mine was small enough to hide. !!!

SparkPoints: (23,537)
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Posts: 547
3/15/12 5:59 A

Well done! The scale can become a real tyrant. It is so tempting to step on every day, well done for resisting temptation! emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (9,207)
Fitness Minutes: (5,676)
Posts: 395
3/15/12 5:55 A

Oh I was so like that in the past! This time (and I am only 2 weeks in) I decided once a week was all I would do!

SparkPoints: (141,461)
Fitness Minutes: (48,249)
Posts: 5,248
3/15/12 5:49 A

Good move

SparkPoints: (30,714)
Fitness Minutes: (31,171)
Posts: 719
3/15/12 5:31 A

Way to go! You have inspired me to do the same thing.
Thanks and keep up the great work.

Posts: 32,001
3/15/12 5:04 A

You go girl!! I let my clothes and how I feel--remind me that I'm doing my best! Keep up the good work!!

Posts: 87
3/15/12 1:22 A

Read my signature/quote below....Need I saw, you go girl!!!

Posts: 28
2/25/12 7:22 P

Whatever works, go for it!

Posts: 439
2/24/12 9:04 P

I am not weighing until the end of March too!! The scale made me feel bad if I did not lose weight. I am measuring ever so often to see how many inches I have lost. It feels great not to be obsessed by the scale!!!

Posts: 1,664
2/23/12 5:12 P


Posts: 236
2/23/12 2:46 P

Great job!

SparkPoints: (5,520)
Fitness Minutes: (2,376)
Posts: 206
2/23/12 12:44 P

Awesome plan i might do the same. I was reading the Racing Weight book and that recommends that you weigh yourself once a month.

That's it i am going to do this in March. Thanks for the inspiration.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (51,212)
Fitness Minutes: (47,270)
Posts: 327
2/22/12 5:53 P

Awesome! I'm still working on trying not to let the scale rule me too. I haven't weighed in almost 2 weeks and I feel pretty good too. emoticon

SparkPoints: (789)
Fitness Minutes: (25)
Posts: 62
2/22/12 4:18 P

I hear ya...good for you. My scale batteries died last month...not gonna replace them just yet but am going to listen to my body for awhile...feeling good on day 3.

SparkPoints: (29,071)
Fitness Minutes: (28,606)
Posts: 1,987
1/11/12 10:09 P

Atta girl!! Show that scale who's boss!!
Woo-hoo! : )

Posts: 1,445
1/11/12 9:19 P

woo hoo, way to go!

SparkPoints: (26,757)
Fitness Minutes: (24,072)
Posts: 568
1/11/12 4:33 P

good on you. the scale is not the main game! (I need to remember this too)

Posts: 80
1/11/12 4:31 P

Good for you and way to embrace the positive!!

Posts: 10
1/11/12 3:40 P

I am one of those people that would weigh myself everyday and as a result feel down about the number I saw on the scale. I would feel proud of my commitment to exercise and eating healthy but then with one step on the scale that feeling would drastically change! So, I had my husband hide the scale, so now I can focus on how great I am feeling. I feel lighter, leaner, more energetic and in control! My plan is to weigh in at the end of the month and have him hide it again!

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