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6/21/12 6:34 A

Congrats! A positive attitude is so important.

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6/20/12 10:25 A


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6/20/12 10:14 A

Your story really inspired me! I often wonder how I would cope with recovery from surgery - would I be able to stick to my fitness goals and eat healthy? Thanks for sharing and for emphasizing our ability to get ourselves rolling no matter what! Spark ON!

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6/19/12 3:08 P

I'm glad you are feeling better. You certainly have challenges on your path to wellness!

6/19/12 10:16 A

At the end of April, I had my right knee reconstructed after an accident I sustained back in January. Since my injury, I hadn't been able to walk very far without pain, let alone do my favorite high-impact activities like dancing and kickboxing. Twenty pounds piled on top of the twenty I initially WANTED to lose. My clothing would actually rip at the seams when I tried to put it on (seriously, I have a pile of shirts, pants, and dresses I need to stitch up eventually), so I began living in baggy shirts and sweatpants. I did not like myself at all.

After surgery, I had cartilage and a ligament transplanted to my knee from a cadaver. Now I am more motivated than ever to get stronger and keep that knee healthy as long as I can. When I was still immobile, I'd use free weights and resistance bands to do upper body workouts in my bed. Once I started physical therapy, I was cleared to join a gym and use their pool. I started doing Turbo Jam at home on the low-impact level (I have really missed kickboxing!).

I also changed my eating habits. I stopped going to the supermarket, getting my meals only from farmers markets, co-ops, and my weekly CSA share. I get the freshest produce and such a great variety that I never feel bored or deprived.

Less than 8 weeks after my surgery, and only 3 weeks since I was cleared to exercise, I have lost 4 pounds. BUT--- I have also lost nearly 11 inches from all around my body (2 from my waist, 2.5 from my hips, etc.) as well as 3% body fat. My muscle mass is clearly returning, even if the scale isn't really moving.

My charge to all of you is to stick with it, no matter what! If you have two working knees, you have no excuse! If you recently had surgery, you STILL have no excuse! emoticon

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