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FITWITHIN Posts: 21,802
12/26/12 10:45 P

Congratulation and enjoy!

Progress may be slow, but it happens!
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12/26/12 9:32 P

Congrats, its a great system for fitness (if one can get their other half off of it long enough to use it - lol)

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12/26/12 6:10 P

Hubby & I got one as our gift this year too. We got the sport & resort games with it and already have a list of others we want to rent to see if we want to buy.

PIPERJ4A SparkPoints: (12,244)
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12/26/12 12:33 P

I think it's time I hook mine back up and play a lil Wii golf tonight

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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12/26/12 11:48 A

Nice! I'm jealous!

KEEP_GOING247 Posts: 1,754
12/26/12 9:51 A

Yay!! Enjoy the Wii Fit

CANDICE293 SparkPoints: (4,147)
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12/25/12 10:44 P

Now I am going to have to get a wii fit to go with it!

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