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10/26/12 5:05 P

It's kind of like the rush when you fall in love.. and sometimes wonder a few months later what you ever saw in the other person! When I first met and fell in love with the man I've now been married to for 42 years I wanted to fly, to leap tall buildings, to do amazing things. Luckily I still like him.... a lot.

But all the advice you've been given here is good.. think of it as an ongoing journey... and a reframing of the best parts of you. For me the best motivation is long term health and a new granddaughter. I can't help the fact that I'll be 80 when she graduates from high school, but I want to be a super healthy active 80!

10/21/12 11:16 A

I tell myself that it's a process. It helped once I compared it to college: I wanted the degree. I didn't always *want* to go to class or write that paper, but going to class or writing the paper was how I was going to get the degree.

So I try to think of my health and weight loss like that. On days I don't WANT to go to the gym or find it hard to be motivated, I tell myself I'm going to anyway, because I DO want to be healthy and energetic and lose some weight.

I also do the trick where I tell myself I'll just go the gym for 10 minutes. Usually once I'm *there* I'll stay longer and do a good workout, and once in awhile I'm like nope, screw this and leave after 10 minutes.. but usually that's not the case.

Good luck!

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10/21/12 10:09 A

Thank you for those words of wisdom, Coach Nancy

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10/21/12 10:08 A

Thank you I needed this.

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10/21/12 10:04 A


More and more studies are showing that when we reframe what we are doing, in other words taking the emphasis off losing weight and focusing on making this a lifestyle, it helps us cope better with the inevitable fluctuations that are bound to occur. So you may not have an hour to devote to working out, that does not mean you can't go for a nice 10 minute walk and still reap some benefits. The effects of healthy living are cumulative so even the smallest changes we incorporate in our lives can lead to big returns in our future.

Also make sure the goals you set are realistic, timely and manageable. When we make our goals much bigger than we can meet, this can have a huge affect on our success.

Hang in there!

Coach Nancy

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10/21/12 2:55 A

It seems like I get super motivated and am often in a very "hyper" mood. Then, just as quickly as it came, the motivation is gone...How do I keep on keeping on?

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