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9/18/13 8:18 A

You seem to be exercising frequently, so don't forget that you might need to increase your calorie intake to compensate. I find that after working out I need to sit have a small protein rich snack with some carbs (spoon of peanut butter, some milk and an apple, small piece of meat and some fruit) and then lots of water. After that I plan a sensible dinner. But, it is not unusual to feel hungry after exercise your body is responding to the increase in calories used by asking for more.

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9/18/13 7:04 A

Don't forget to include your healthy fats (cold water fish, nuts/nut butter, seeds, avocado, eggs, olives/olive oil, etc.) Fats help with satiety. Its your fats and protein that will keep you fuller longer. Fibrous carbs are going to be a better choice over starchy (and of course sugary) but it's those fats and proteins that are really going to help keep you satisfied.

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9/18/13 4:17 A

Nothing unusual about that - your body wants refueling.

Don't fight it - go with it.

Pre-planning a healthy post-workout snack as part of your overall calorie budget can help refuel your body, and avoid feeling ravenous later. Ideally the snack will be a combination of carbs and protein. Also, ensure that you rehydrate after a workout - sometimes your body can confuse thirst and hunger signals.


9/17/13 5:36 P

I checked over my nutrition input and you're right. I had too many carbs, and empty carbs at that, so that was why I was getting hungry so quickly. I will be more conscientious about reducing carbs and eating more complex carbs and protein. Thanks for that reminder. Here I go again!!! I will start this tomorrow... I already had my calorie intake for the day already and it's only 4:40 :(

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9/17/13 4:41 P

Could you give us and idea of what you are eating ? Perhaps the reason you don't feel sated is because you're not eating nourishing foods that have some fiber as well as some protein.

You don't have your food diary public, so I don't know what kinds of foods of foods you've been eating. It could also be that you're not eating enough calories after your workout. Eating too little and exercising too much will not speed up your weight loss. If anything, it can cause you to become frustrated when you do feel hungry.

What should a person eat after a workout ? There are studies that will tell you that a good post workout drink is a pint of chocolate milk because it has the right break down of carbs, fat and protein. You might try a pint of chocolate milk. You might also try a peice of whole wheat toast with some peanut butter or hummus. That would also give you a good breakdown of carbs, fat and protein.

You need to experiment with different foods to see what works best for your body. Also, are you eating a little something before your workout ? Maybe that's the problem too. It's okay to have a little something before your workout so that you don't end up ravenous later. So, why not have a samll snack before and after your workout ?

9/17/13 3:58 P

Cant satiate my appetite after a work out... what's the point!!!

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