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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,178
11/21/13 3:31 P

I gained 3 pounds my first week. Spark is set up that it will not let you record a gain, so I had to change my starting weight. How embarrassing and derailing. Then I got on board and am down 23 pounds.

I don't weigh myself now. It is way to distracting. That should not be your only or main gauge of success. I let my clothing, energy, stamina, etc. tell me how I am doing.

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11/20/13 6:29 P


IVYLASS SparkPoints: (218,390)
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11/20/13 2:20 P

Did you put on all the weight in one day? Then why are you expecting to have it fall off in one day?

Your weight can fluctuate as much as 3-5 pounds in A DAY. Weigh yourself once every two weeks ONLY, eat healthy, work in exercise as much as possible, and you will see results.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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11/19/13 12:55 P

Ah, honey. Check out my signature where I say I've been maintaining at 146.0 since June. That is completely true. It's also true that my actual first-thing-in-the-morning weight on any given day can be anywhere from 144.5 to 147.5 and rarely even outside that. I'm not doing anything different most of the time. That's just how bodies work. (The bulk of any day to day change is always just water moving around. It's meaningless.)

Now please also keep in mind that you're aiming to lose 1-2 pounds per week, and might expect it could wind up being more like .5 to 1 given that you're seeking to lose so relatively little. What that means is that, on average, it's going to take about 3 weeks for a person to lose just about the amount of *real* weight that their body can shift in water in a single day. The scale lies to you, until you figure out what it is really saying.

I suggest one of two things for people who are easily discouraged by what the scale says. Either refuse to step on it at any interval less than two weeks (and three weeks or a month would be even better); or continue to weigh daily, but recognizing that each individual number is mostly meaningless. What you'd be looking for instead is trends, and new lows coming by every so often. For example, say three days from now you see 149.5. Ok, that's your new low. You keep looking, and then a couple days after that the scale pops up with 148.6. New new low. That's a sizable drop, so maybe part of it was water moving, and it takes another week for the scale to get below 148.6 again. But it does, and it's 148.3. Great, you're still moving in the right direction. Even though every single other weighing besides those new lows was in one way or another an "up". That's just how it goes. You can adapt to it or you can try to avoid it (by weighing only rarely), and neither thing matters. The only thing that matters is how you live your life. Keep doing what you need to do and the odds are great you'll get there.

ADARKARA Posts: 2,272
11/19/13 12:29 P


I understand that gaining can be frustrating, but the longer you're here you'll realize that half a pound is not a big deal. Weight loss isn't linear. Some weeks you can work your butt off and eat perfectly and you will gain. Sometimes you will eat more sodium than usual and you will gain. but think of it this way:

In order to gain a pound of fat, you would have had to consume 3500 calories IN ADDITION to your maintenance calories. If you didn't do that, then it's NOT REAL WEIGHT. It's probably water retention, and that happens to everyone. It doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong.

And, I'm going to be blunt here:

You CANNOT judge your weight loss efforts by ONE DAY. You need to be looking at the long term. If you were working out and eating exactly right every day for a year and you gained a half a pound, I would say you need to change something.

For example: I don't lose any weight for 3 weeks of the month. Is that failure? No. I lose all my monthly weight in the week before my period. I still lose weight for the month, so overall I'm still trending downward.

In summary, you need to give this SparkPeople thing a little more time before you jump to conclusions.

PERFECTVELVET SparkPoints: (63,567)
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11/19/13 12:15 P

I agree with the others - don't be a slave to the scale. It's horribly inaccurate anyway unless you're looking at trends. If I weigh myself in the morning when I get up and before I go to bed, it says I've gained 4 pounds. Did I really eat 14,000 calories? No!

It may take you a month or two to start seeing results. So don't overdo it. Strive to follow Spark's calorie counts (and set up your tracker so it tells you to eat more after you exercise); it won't steer you wrong! You just have to stick with it!

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,821)
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11/19/13 11:56 A


What you're exeriencing really is perfectly normal. Remember, in order to truly gain one pound of fat, a person needs to eat an extra 3,500 calories ON TOP of their normal intake. So, if you know you didn't eat at least 5,000 calories in one day, then you didn't gain one pound of fat. Actually, it's pretty impossible for a person's body to turn excess calories into body fat overnight.

So, why did you gain weight ? Easy, water weight. Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to gain weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? Nope. it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days. Your weight can flucatuate as much as 3-5 pounds in a day because of change in your water weight as well as the food you eat.

Remember, food has weight. water has weight. And both can cause the scale to go UP during the day. I can easily gain or lose as much as 3-4 pounds in a day because of water weight.

Also, not to get TMI, but did you have a bowel movement this morning ? Not only does food have weight, but so do your body's waste products. food has weight. water has weight. your waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, the physical weight of all the food/water you had the day before is still in your body.

In short, don't weigh yourself multiple times during the day. the weight won't magically disappear. Only weigh yourself once a week OR you'll make yourself miserable. There is more to good health then a number that stares at us from between our toes in the morning.

CAPTATHLETICA SparkPoints: (3,771)
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11/19/13 8:36 A

Take a deep breath and think WHY you are doing this. Is it just to become a number on the scale, or is it so you can be healthy with a sexy body? The more obvious is that we want to be confident with a sexy body. This will not be done by stressing over a scale's #. This is what I do and have always done. I weigh myself daily, but I do NOT actually count the weight until it's been 1 full week. I've gone up 5 pounds through fluctuations in a day even, but by the time the 1-week measurement comes up I'm down 2-3 pounds.

Don't stress. You will not lose weight in 1 day. You might not even lose any the first week but I beg you do not give up! Your body is not used to exercise and eating less because we are not a man made machine. Your body is basically gathering fat, waste, and doing other functions to help you run at your prime. As you continue to exercise your body will become much more efficient at ridding your body of bad stuff and you will begin to lose weight. Don't give up, don't worry about day to day fluctuations. Check back in exactly 1 week and count that measurement. Also be sure you are eating enough.

SNIKKIT13 SparkPoints: (610)
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11/19/13 8:31 A

Starting yesterday, I started to try and lose weight. I weighed myself the day before yesterday and I was exactly 150 lbs. Yesterday I ate 1500 calories and burned 500 calories by exercising. I weighed myself this morning and I was 150.6! I gained over half a pound apparently. Both times I weighed myself in the same way and at the same time. I don't even know how that's possible):

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