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5/5/13 6:15 A

So, what indeed DO you want?

Only you can make the decision to make good food and activity choices.
No amount of words said here will really make much difference, if you don't take them to heart.

If it helps, sit down and write out WHY you're feeling this way (unmotivated).
Also, WHAT you're feeling, and what's happening in your life just now.

Then, WHY you want to progress from here.

Write, write, write.
Look at it.
Read it over.
Decide which part of the list you will follow - the positives or the negatives.

Best wishes.

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5/4/13 11:45 A

Then make the changes NOW. If you are not motivated, then you need to take a step back and reflect on whether this is something you truly want to do, and for the right reasons. Weight loss isn't easy, we all have our ups and downs on this journey, but for the most part you have to want to lose the weight, for the right reasons, and have the mentality to stick with it

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5/4/13 11:36 A

Yet, I am still eating bad and am not motivated at all.

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