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7/25/11 11:35 A

it easy for me to have this happen also.

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7/25/11 11:22 A

i have the same thiing going on. i weigh myself on sunday morning and yesterday i was up 2 pounds (203.6). granted i was at the high end or just over my daily calories on friday and saturday due to out of house events like parties and picnics. i knew this in advance and increased my exercise and ate lighter (but not lesser) during the, as i usually do at home on sundays, i biked for an hour in the morning and got a 30min walk in the afternoon and cooked chicken and potatos for dinner. this morning i weighed in at 200.8. i won't weigh myself again until next sunday.

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3/31/11 11:53 A


You know I REALLY need to remember this!!! I have BEEN HERE before! It's not fun! You think I'd know better by now huh??? lol NOPE! I need constant reminders!!! Even my trainer said so. I guess my body will adjust to this new BC sooner or later. I just wrote a blog that I have to step away from the scale for at least two weeks! I'll weigh myself again Saturday then forget about it until April 16th. I just need to put it out of reach. I could ask my husband to hide it again but I don't know. lol

Thanks for the reminder! It really helps when you mention how many calories are in one pound of fat. :) I definitely did not eat that many calories in two days. I thought maybe I overloaded on carbs though but I guess not.

thanks again!

Oh I often wonder if you get tired of repeating the same info to everyone. emoticon Sometimes we all just need to remember things that we temporarily forget. Thank You!

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3/31/11 11:48 A

Did you eat an extra 14,000 calories in the last two days ? In order to really gain one pound of fat, a person needs to eat an extra 3,500 calories.

one pound of fat = 3,500 calories.

So, if you didn't eat 14,000 extra calories in the last two days, how did you GAIN weight ? Easy, because you're retaining water. I can easily "gain" 3-4 pounds in a day !! Is that a fat gain ? No, it's nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

Ever notice your weight goes up during TOM ? Most women tend to "GAIN" weight during their menstrual cycle. Is that a fat gain ? No, that too is nothing more than a temporary water weight gain that passes in a few days.

If you tie your emotional state to the scale, you really shouldn't be weighing yourself every day. Your weight is not static. It does go up and down during the week for many different reasons. so, you might want to think about stepping away from the scale. try weighing yourself once a week instead of once a day.

So, take a deep breathe... you did not gain four pounds of fat in two days. And you didn't gain four pounds of muscle either. You're retaining water and that's perfectly normal.

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3/31/11 9:47 A

I'm sure you know that it's not a good idea to weigh yourself every day because our weight fluctuates so much from day to day, even hour to hour (minute to minute?)! And, starting a new medication can affect your weight if just for a short time as your body adjusts to it (even though it may not be an official "side effect"). Your stress regarding this recent gain can also have an adverse on your weight, so, take a deep breath and relaaaaaaxxxxx....

Even if you DO end up with a weight gain on your weigh-in day, so what? It's just a number, and only one of many indicators of how you're doing. As long as you're continuing to eat right and exercise, the weight WILL come off. Be persistent, and don't let this little bump in the road stop you from working to reach your goals!

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3/31/11 9:40 A

To gain 2 pounds of fat you have to overeat by 7000 calories. Even with the worst of munchies, I'm sure you didn't do that since yesterday. It's all water fluctuation. There are so many reasons our bodies hold on to water, it's scary. Keep that in mind when the scale goes up.

New meds take some time to adjust to. Give the new pills a little time to be in your system. If in a month or two's time you're still feeling moody and not losing weight talk with your doctor.

Our road to health (and weightloss) is a long one and some times a little bumpy. The scale is just one indicator of our success. I say keep doing what you're doing (I'm assuming you're eating well and exercising) and the weight will come off. Maybe not in the time our minds want it to - but it will.

Congrats on the weight lost so far!

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3/31/11 2:16 A

Make that 4.5 pounds in the last two days. I just converted kilos to pounds. I don't understand!! This has never happened to me before :(

Before I hit the midpoint in my weight loss I never really paid attention to gains. Mostly just losses. I don't really remember ever gaining much at all actually. And now, lately I've been working my butt off and I managed to GAIN 4.5 pounds in the past two days for no good reason at all! Well, I DID have the munchies like crazy last night. I NEVER have the munchies. Hardly ever. They were going away. But even when I do eat more than I should I NEVER wake up 4 pounds heavier the next morning! Just last week (sorry guys) I started a new BC. Now I regret ever starting it! I'm more emotional and feel more hungry than before and I feel more tired than before too. Like, I can feel my energy level decreasing because of it. I'm so bummed out right now. I've already talked to my husband about it and he thinks there's no reason why I should gain weight because the Dr.'s said weight gain is NOT a side effect. I don't trust the Dr's anymore!!!. Husband told me to work my way through it and not believe anything I read online. In other words he doesn't want me to go off of it. He feels like it's wasted money. OH why oh why did I decide to do this to myself RIGHT NOW? I was having such a good time and I felt like I was finally discovering myself. Now this. I've been so depressed ever since I got it. I want to be me again. I don't want to gain weight. I'm still exercising and eating right so there really is no explanation for my weight gain. I'll give it until next week, Monday. My official weigh in day is Saturday. So I'll wait and see what happens. emoticon

btw I don't feel bloated or anything. i feel quite "normal" I guess you could say. I drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Usually when I munch on a bit too much the night before I gain around .2-.4 kilos but nothing drastic like two pounds!

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