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3/17/10 9:40 P

Read the book [ The Metabolism Miracle]....
I found out the reason was me all the way...because I don't lose weight easy either...

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MOJO333 Posts: 37
3/17/10 7:06 P

Thanks for all the encouragement! It was my cycle. at least I'm pretty sure. I actually dropped those 10 at my last weigh-in, so I'm back to where I was the week before. No weightloss =( BUT at least it's not a gain either.

I have a plethora of hormonal issues and my metabolism is extremely low becasue of my thyroid, so what it takes a normal person to lose a pound or 2 in a week, takes me about a month!

I'm still working out 4-5 days a week though and keeping my calorie intake under 1500. It's become a way of life for me (as it should be...that's the plan, right?). In 8 weeks I've lost about 6 pounds, and no inches yet, but I'll take it!

Thanks again for all the support! I love this site!!!

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3/17/10 1:46 A

I'm wondering if it might be water weight too. Due to financial reasons I've been eating this ham deli meat and it is SOOOOO high in sodium. I wonder how much of my weight, and lack of weight loss, is from that.

Also when I went on vacation one time I gained 12 lbs in about 10 days ... part of it was actual calories, but some of it was totally sodium. When I got home I dropped 6 lbs like a rock, once I got to my regular low/no sodium-added diet.

Also do your measurements. Thing is, pound for pound (weight) fat and muscle weigh the same.

But in terms of VOLUME, fat takes up far more space than muscle.

You can be leaner, trimmer, more fit ... and yet have a larger number on the scale than maybe you'd like.

If you're working out hard, you're doing all the right things, you could be getting slimmer and trimmer ... and the number on the scale could be going up.

What I've come to learn is this:

We have a number that we think will represent our ideal weight.

But the reality is we want to look hot in our swimsuits.

So - doesn't matter what the scale "says" - what matters is how hot we are/feel in our clothing.

Do your measurements weekly (or monthly, or whenever you do your "offical" recording ... just not daily, too much work).

Look at what is going on over time.

And yeah, being in that TOM can add a lot! If you're eating high sodium foods on top of those extra calories we naturally want (and biologically need) much of what you're experincing can simply by monthly cycles.

3/16/10 11:59 P

Hello! This is so not unheard of and many of the comments were good. Especially the rule of 3's. Some people were rude and I apologize for them because even if they don't want to admit it, we have all been there! In fact, I just did that in the past three days and I absolutely not believe it! But, it is no excuse not to stay on track and not to give up. Just because you gained weather it be 10 lbs or . 10lbs it doesn't mean you can just stop and eat everything in your fridge (something that I used to do frequently!) Hang in there!

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3/16/10 11:48 P


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3/16/10 11:16 P

When you weight yourself, aim for the same time of day and try to cover the 3 EBs

Empty Belly
Empty Bladder
Empty Bowels

This will give you the truest weight. I weight first thing in the morning, with the 3 EBs, and always nude (SORRY TMI)(no flux in clothing weight).

Retained water and BMs can cause a substantial gain, 10 lbs is not unheard of. I've done it personally.

Hope this helps

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3/16/10 3:03 P

10pounds in 2 days..? That is really really crazy!!

3/16/10 1:59 P

weight can flucuate up to 10 lbs in a day. It could be water, hormones, or intestinal according to my naturopath doctor.

Also, if you are working out; it may be that you are converting fat for muscle which is more dense and heavier. The number on the scale is really not as important as what is going on inside your body. :)

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3/16/10 11:13 A

Weigh yourself again in ten days. If it's the same, you might need to watch what you're eating.

I notice that I tend to underestimate the calories that I'm eating. Make sure that you have the serving sizes correct and that you aren't adding anything else (butter, cheese, sugar) that will make a difference.

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3/16/10 8:48 A


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3/16/10 7:49 A

It has to be will go.. don't give up

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3/15/10 4:56 P

I know it is such a bummer and it makes you feel like giving up, but keep at it and weigh yourself at your usual time. If you're staying on track, I believe it'll fix itself. Stay up until then!

NAT1622 Posts: 175
3/14/10 11:14 P

Mojoe, it sounds like you and me have the same issues..Ive had it to where I am on point with my calories and working out 5-6 days a week and still gain 5-6 lbs at the end of the week..It makes you wanna throw in the towel and quit. Cuz you figure, all that work and salads to just gain weight...might as well eat like a pig and just maitain that current weight..I think it has to do alot with IR and pcos..and like you I also have low thyroid low progesterone issues. I think cuz our bodies are outta wack and it doesnt know how to loose the weight lol..All those issues mess with our metabolism. We just gotta keep at it. Last year I had partnered up with a friend at the gym..We weighed close to the same..but she didnt have any of my health issues, we worked out just as hard..and journaled EVERYTHING we ate..and go figure..she lost 16 lbs that month, while I only lost 4. It did make me quit and basicaly gain back that weight plus an extra 10.Then I got into this mode of just excepting I wasnt so called " normal" just stayed on top of it and figured ..OK, not gonna loose as easily as the normal ladies..SO WHAT?.I will loose at my own's my burden to bare in this life and I just gotta do it..I was kinda in the MY LIFE IS NOT FAIR..Blah blah blah..but then after just analyzing my life and health I had to be thankful cuz I know It could be in 5 months I went from 252 to 213..Ive been lingering at that weight for the last 6 months and cant get myself motivated enough to stick it out more..I also noticed when I was looseing weight..I would not loose weekly..I would loose every 14-20 days..say no weight in week one but 3-4 lbs in week 2 etc.

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3/11/10 7:55 P

It's almost definitely water retention, unless you went crazy and ate like seven whole boxes of Oreos between yesterday and today. Keep an eye on your sodium intake for a few days and make sure it's not too high, and your weight should go back down.

Also, this is why you really should only weigh yourself once a week - when you are looking at things week-to-week instead of day-to-day, you're not having to see these crazy temporary swings.

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3/11/10 6:32 P

No not of acutal fat but it could be more in the digestive tract that hasn't been voided.

3/11/10 4:28 P

Yeah. Usually happens to me if i am misbehaving on a weekend though. All week long my weight goes down. hit the weekend and i revert to bad habbits. Back from 190 to 200. I like to refer to it as my temporary weight.

GETTO10 Posts: 927
3/11/10 4:07 P

Did you weight today. I'm sure it's back down. That a lot in 2 days is that possible?

GIDGET517 Posts: 72
3/10/10 10:22 P

Don't give up you're doing great. Remember this is a lifestyle, one dissapointing weigh in is not going to stop you.Keep yourself focused on your goal. Make sure you are watching your sodium intake. If you are eating a lot of prepared foods, frozen dinners, etc. it could cause water retention on top of needing the extra water from working out. emoticon

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3/10/10 1:12 P

1 pound of fat is about 3500 stored calories. Did you eat 35,000 extra calories? No, I don't think so! So it's not new stored fat, it's just a fluke. Keep doing the right things, and you'll be fine.

MOJO333 Posts: 37
3/10/10 12:58 P

That's what I keep telling myself. I will do my normal Monday weigh-in on the 15th and expect to see a much lower number. It's just frustrating since I've been working so hard. I just needed to vent. thanks, ladies!

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3/10/10 12:54 P

Just starting your menes and workingout is understandable for the weight gain.

Water retention. You are probably retaining more water this time because you work out and your body needs the extra water to repair muscle after workout. Don't worry weigh again 2 days after your menes ends and you should see a much better number.

NEWMRSRU Posts: 114
3/10/10 12:16 P

Mojo, don't be sad. This might just be a body fluke (retaining water, BM's irregular (sorry)) along with your time of month could all factor into that. Keep eating healthy and working out regularly and it will come off.

MOJO333 Posts: 37
3/10/10 12:06 P

I'm so bummed =(

I started SP weighing 213 one month ago. I keep my calorie intake between 1200 and 1600, usually right around 1450, and work out 4 to 5 days a week.

2/15: 213
2/22: 211
3/1: 207
3/8: 209
Today: 219!!!

I did just start my period, but that usually gives me a 2 to 3 pound temporary increase, which is why I was ok with the 2 pounds I gained from 3/1 to 3/8, but 12 pounds??? It's so frustrating! I now weigh more than I did when I started a month ago.

My measurements have not changed either, no loss in inches. I triple checked the scale too. I even took out the batteries and replaced them. Then I had my husband get on to make sure it wasn't just me. His weight was right, so mine must be too. I am so sad =(

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