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8/18/13 2:27 P

LOL..I catch myself holding my breathe sometimes when I am at curves, because I am trying to focus on keeping my abs engaged, squeeze my butt ect while on certain machines. Then when I realize I'm holding my breath, I get tickled about it, and I can't do ANYTHING while I'm laughing.

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8/18/13 11:43 A

Try music too. I usually will breathe at the sound of the beat of my music when it is in rhythm with me. I don't know why, I think it's an OCD thing or something, but I have a habit of it. Also sometimes when I get a side stitch, if I breathe in rhythm, it helps my diaphragm to relax and the pain will usually go away, which is cool.

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8/18/13 11:39 A

Thanks, I did try to focus more this morning...kind of sounded like labor breathing when I gave birth to my kids...and did notice the exercises were a bit easier...I wasn't so wobbly...thanks again for responses will get the hang of it the more I practice.

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8/18/13 11:31 A

Make it a priority; not breathing is a bad, bad thing. Saw a video last night of a girl doing pull ups, then passing out... I guarantee you she was holding her breath!

You need to make it mindful; if you can't do the exercise without holding your breath, dial it back a notch until you can. You just have to think about it, and the more you do, the easier it will get. I get downright noisy when I'm lifting; Once you get the hang of it, breathing makes the exercise easier!

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8/17/13 4:41 P

You have to think about your breathing while you're doing the exercise.

"in" (return), "out" (push!)

8/17/13 4:31 P

Totally had/sometimes have this problem too. What's helped for me is focusing on it, making a conscious effort to remember! And if I find myself doing it a lot, take a lil break (move your legs and arms or whatever, but sloooow down) and resume normal breath

Maybe others will have more helpful responses. :)

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8/17/13 1:54 P

When I try to do any of the exercises I find myself holding my breathe instead of doing the inhale/exhale...I'm at the beginner level so everything is a challenge just wondering how to stop this or retrain myself to do the proper breathing during my workouts????? emoticon

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