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3/19/13 12:51 P

I think it depends upon the designer and on-line store you buy the clothing from. Seems to me that higher-priced clothes are more true to size, especially with plus-sized clothing. At stores that specialize in plus-size clothing, I actually fit into an average size, whereas the same item at a big-box store may take me into the 2 and 3X's. It's a little humiliating. I try not to focus on the number too much, but how I look in the garment.

Even more humiliating, my husband wears Large sweatshirts, and when held up to my 2X Large sweatshirts, they prove to be bigger. I understand that men's sizes are different, but being smaller than him, I would expect to wear a relative size.

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3/19/13 12:25 P

I try to concentrate on how it fits, of course I have to have a starting point. What I love, sometimes when clothes are either mislabeled or a bigger fit, instant discount!

Online - love it, don't have to put myself through the depression of the fitting room. I do buy brands that I'm familiar with (so I know size/fit) and try to buy from retailers with reasonable or free shipping/return policies. I've returned lots of stuff, not a big deal. Plus stuff online tends to be cheaper so it justifies the cost of shipping at times (oh and no tax).

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3/19/13 12:11 P

I hesitate buying on line because of sizes that are not reliable. I prefer to shop, put on then buy or not buy. I have found that Levis are typically 3-4 inches in waist size different that
Wranglers, for example. (and a whole lot more expensive.)

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3/19/13 12:02 P

No, I actually find the sizes to be bigger on line depending on what stores I go to.
There is also something said about feeling the fabric and really seeing the color. I find that buying on line is more a nuisance since I return most of what I purchase for size, color or fabric.

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3/19/13 11:35 A

Not in my case, what was suppose to be a plus size dress fit my 125 pound daughter, if she is plus size then I am enormous elephant size.,

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3/19/13 9:16 A

I find that when I buy clothing online they are more true to size then in a store, I recently was looking at some tops in Marshalls and Macy's and I picked up the top and I said to my husband oh that doesn't look like the size it states on the label , I mean it looked like a Medium and was suppose to be a Xlg. I find that most sizes run smaller in the store then they do when I buy something online.
It's tough cause everyone's sizing is different so half the time you don't know what your size is anymore.
Anyone else find this to be true?

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