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I felt like a failure....twice. But I am BACK!

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SparkPoints: (220,327)
Fitness Minutes: (196,480)
Posts: 6,871
6/30/12 3:28 P

You are not a failure because you came back.

SparkPoints: (18,499)
Fitness Minutes: (3,740)
Posts: 1,690
6/30/12 2:10 P

Welcome back!

Posts: 6,689
6/29/12 8:33 P

Good luck on staying with it.

SparkPoints: (8,692)
Fitness Minutes: (3,315)
Posts: 303
6/29/12 8:11 P

Don't worry, this is my fourth attempt. Just keep coming back. :)

SparkPoints: (16,729)
Fitness Minutes: (3,140)
Posts: 1,978
6/29/12 3:56 P

You are not alone. I have tried and failed serveral times. I just recently started back myself. One day at a time and small changes to start are really helping me to work at it.

SparkPoints: (62,573)
Fitness Minutes: (56,161)
Posts: 3,002
6/29/12 3:29 P

Welcome back!


Posts: 3,944
6/29/12 1:44 P


Posts: 59
6/29/12 1:32 P

@ Chuck...well twice on here.....but several other times, too. LOL. Two major times. But I am doing my best to stick with it. Even joined a gym this time and have been going 3-4 times a week for a month now. First actual exercise in 7 years!

SparkPoints: (5,844)
Fitness Minutes: (4,993)
Posts: 320
6/29/12 1:29 P

I love that saying in the movie the Marigold Hotel about a story not being done
if the ending isn't a good one. You are still writing your story, and now you are writing
the happy ending. I'm with you on the failure thing, last time I started on Sparks I actually gained weight. This time I'm losing it so far. Keep up the great work!!

Posts: 5,602
6/29/12 1:13 P

You failed only once?? I have fallen off the wagon several times over the past 2.5 years with Spark. I managed to keep one hand on the wagon and able to jump back on the nutrition and fitness wagon. As long as you can keep your goals on your mind and learn how to stay with nutrition and fitness you will make goal one of these days.
Don't look at it as failure but hitting nutrition/weight-loss speed-bumps.

Posts: 37,317
6/29/12 1:06 P

Welcome back!!

Posts: 59
6/29/12 12:59 P

Tried this once. Failed. Got back on the wagon last October.....failed. But I am back and doing it right. I started 10 weeks ago (just revamped my account and came back to Sparkpeople today). In 10 weeks I have lost 10 lbs and over 4 inches. Small steps for me!!!!!!!

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