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5/7/13 12:23 P

i have dvds for step aerobics, i walk, and have the light weight dumbels.....also the toning bands are favorite is step aerobics...burn more cals...i havent been to a gym in years, havent the money.....our lcal gym thankfully has no commitment and will likely go in the wnter.
just keep pluggn away....

IAMSAM113 Posts: 4
5/3/13 11:27 P

Thanks for your encouragement... Im trying to look for cheaper alternatives of exercises instead of joining local gym which require 2 years of commitment. I get bored easily and thus have the reserve of joining the local gym...

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,276
5/2/13 10:39 A

This is one road the we all have been down more times then we want to. When I had these regains, I have to ask myself, "What is the underlining reason?" From there I will re evaluate my eating, water intake, sodium, exercise and of course sleep. Sleep is a big one for me. I make sure that I planning, preparing and packing my meals for work. This way I don't be hitting the vending machines at night. Keep the water at arms reach and make sure I'm getting the right amount for my body. For exercise I had have several days of intense exercise and other days not so intense. Keep a variety of workouts helps me from getting bored and not allowing my body get use to the same thing. Find some local fitness challenges and participate in them. I've done a local BLC challenge and I signed up for a second round BLC challenge. Take a before picture and again 3 months later and see the progress. Be patient and keep making small changes in your daily life. Progress will happen for you. emoticon

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IAMSAM113 Posts: 4
5/2/13 10:35 A

Calories are not the only thing I should track, what else do I need to take note of?

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
5/2/13 10:17 A

My fitness pal isn't really the best option (I had it and got rid of it) and unfortunately, that isn't enough exercise to really help you out. You need to shoot for at least 3 times a week. And make sure you are eating healthy foods, and not lots of processed foods. SP tracker is way better for you to track your fats and carbs and protein, to make sure you are getting enough. Calories aren't the only things you should track.

IAMSAM113 Posts: 4
5/2/13 6:33 A

Im using myfitness pal to track my food intake and I exercise twice a week. Once 45 mins , the other 30 mins. But nothing seem to be helping. The more I look at myself in the mirror, the more depressed I feel...

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5/1/13 12:56 A

Geez! Tell me your secret! Last time I seriously dieted back in 2010, I lost 38lbs and worked out at the gym 3x a week for 1.5 hrs doing both cardio and strength training. This time I'm only dancing until the local pools open up with a very strict diet. I haven't done any measurements past the initial ones yet, BUT...the first time when I lost 38lbs...I only dropped a pant size...even with all the exercise I was doing. :(

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4/30/13 10:04 P

i know it can be frustrating at times, tomorow morn is my weigh in..i spent the last weigh in without a loss. please remember that if you are weight lifting that muscle weighs more than fat...i feel the difference tho i havent kept track of inches im already 3 pants sizes smaller.

are you eating enuff? not eating enuff can slow your weightloss as well by messing with your metabolism

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4/30/13 5:36 P

I understand how u feel its a miracle if I can lose a pound so instead of focusing on weight loss I focus on the inches I'm losing ..hang in there

BLOOGRL SparkPoints: (10,382)
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4/30/13 5:05 P

I know exactly how you feel. I felt depressed moreso than usual this whole week. Even if I'd go to bed starving and exercised, I'll have gained weight. Granted, it was from my period and now that it's almost gone, the weight's coming off again, but when you're sticking to the regimin and not losing any weight, it really brings you down. I WILL say something that keeps me I don't wanna be fat the rest of my life...and I noticed in my arms, although I've got "wings", I've got a really nice-sized muscle going in both arms. I also get motivated by the random bursts of energy I haven't had in makes me feel like "Okay, the scale may be ticking me off, BUT...I'm feeling better in other ways", ya know?

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4/30/13 12:10 P

It's possible the tracking numbers are wrong. The most reliable thing I've found is how I feel. I need to be a little hungry most of the time to lose.

Timing is also a big factor. Eating should *usually* be reduced in the evenings, as that is the best time for foods to turn to fat overnight. A lot of people have had good luck reversing dinner and breakfast, at least the amount of calories. It's possible to make a change like that - not calories but just timing - and start losing weight.

P.S. Nancy Clark's "Sports Nutrition Guidebook" is a good reference I've used.

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TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
4/30/13 11:43 A

Have you recently changed/increased your workout amount or intensity? Is your program set up accurately for the level of activity you are doing? Are you meeting your nutritional needs at different levels within your range or are you barely meeting your needs? Give a little more information and we can try to offer some support.

Coach Tanya

IAMSAM113 Posts: 4
4/30/13 11:29 A

Hi everyone,
I have been tracking on my food intake and exercise however, I still cant lose weight. Im rather discouraged and dont know how else to stay motivated...

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