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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
3/11/11 5:53 P

I look at life as everything in moderation. My party days are over, but if I were having drinks I would try to not overindulge to the point of a hangover. Just the thought of how I feel with a hangover is enough for me to never touch another drink.

VGARZA65 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 355
3/11/11 3:09 P

I agree with that last post-dont beat yourself up. We are all human and we are all imperfect. I think we set ourselves up to fail by expecting ourselves to be perfect. You need to have fun we all do so schedule your fun, allow yourself the extra calories that come with drinking and try some healthy carb foods when hungover but don't beat yourself up over it. Give yourself a chance to have a few drinks, enjoy life then work your a** off the next week. Balance is key!

3/11/11 2:13 P

Don't kick yourself. You have to have fun in life. Today might be a bad day, but try to drink your water and if you have to have carbs, eat light popcorn or baked chips. If you can, eat in moderation but remember....tomorrow is a new day and you will get back on track tomorrow. Maybe workout a little longer tomorrow and have an extra glass of water. Good luck.

3/11/11 1:56 P

Go for a light drink and stick to 2 tops! Losing weight requires a lifestyle change and sacrifices. You can do it! Just start with a short challange of 2 weeks.. it'll help you get on track. Good luck!!

LISALISA26 SparkPoints: (2,115)
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3/11/11 1:37 P

Yeah so went out last night and had a few drinks... I try not to do that as much because every time I eat alot of bad things gained 2lbs in the last few days. But getting back on the wagon and going to the gym after work. I hope I can get back on track and stay...

AMBERNICHOLE3 Posts: 3,091
3/11/11 12:18 P

I don't, but my problem when I drink is eating like crap when I get back from the club! I eat so much sh@t its unreal!

BLACKROSE_222 Posts: 4,851
3/11/11 12:10 P

While out for every drink you have, have one glass of water. Water is the world's best hangover cure in the world, as your body becomes dehydrated. During a hangover, I usually don't want to eat anything, but if I can force down a yogurt I will always feel better as well.

SANDERSON83 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/11/11 9:25 A

Milk drinks so you don't feel so hungover (and you'll consume fewer calories via alcohol). Also, I usually crave crap food after a drinkfest, but I try to at least fill that void with proteins...nuts, eggs, omlettes, and if you have to do chips, eat the baked kind. :-) Good luck! Each day is a new start...You can do it!

3/11/11 9:15 A

Moderation and consistency.

AISLINGM18 Posts: 34
3/11/11 9:13 A

I find it difficult to balance healthy eating and going for a few drinks at the weekend. I can't get up the next morning and have a healthy breakfast or lunch, I crave carbs when im hungover. I had a few drinks last week and been eating crap since. Crisp sandwiches! Does anyone else crave carbs (Pizza, crisps, etc) when hungover? and how do you handle it? HELP!

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