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I fell of the bandwagon!

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SparkPoints: (15,426)
Fitness Minutes: (40,958)
Posts: 59
4/14/13 4:06 P

Had 3 good solid weeks of doing most of the right things. I didn't lose but I felt great. Then I got a migraine. I didn't work out and got slack with my eating. 4 more migraines this week and no working out...feel like crud. For me there is a definite connection between eating healthy, working out and how I feel. Now I want to workout but I have to start feeling better.

SparkPoints: (5,198)
Fitness Minutes: (3,381)
Posts: 23
4/14/13 2:38 P

Today is the day that I get back on track. Just had a birthday this week and got a little lenient but today I had a big yummy breakfast and that was the kickoff to a week straight of sticking to the plan. Other members on Spark told me to set small goals for myself; so that's the goal, 1 week straight of sticking to the plan! Can't wait to complete this goal! (I hope I can keep this momentum up throughout the next 7 days.) emoticon

SparkPoints: (87,484)
Fitness Minutes: (76,006)
Posts: 4,894
4/14/13 1:13 P

About 2 days ago I fell and sprained my ankle again. 28 times, ( weak ankles) I have an ankle brace so I keep on going ankle brace ( don't try that ) but It'll take time.YOU'LL DO GOOD.

Posts: 4,639
4/14/13 12:28 P

I have also fallen off, AGAIN. Yet I am consistently Sparking so I can seize the healthy lifestyle, which I hope will be soon. I am not giving up hope.

SparkPoints: (87,484)
Fitness Minutes: (76,006)
Posts: 4,894
4/14/13 12:16 P

HI !!! That is part of the process. WHY !! You will get bumps abd you will feel discouraged. BUT LET'S GET WITH IT. Cut out the bread, pop,especially pop. That has gas which bloat's you up and that is LBS.

Posts: 12
4/12/13 1:00 A

Need to get back on track after being off for at least 1.5/2 years!!!. I keep saying tomorrow so here I am. I know sparkpeople works because I have succeeded before by tracking calories and recording workouts. I am ready!!! emoticon

Posts: 74
4/11/13 7:00 P

don't beat yourself up... :)

SparkPoints: (82,408)
Fitness Minutes: (50,170)
Posts: 7,125
4/11/13 5:36 P

It's part of the process.

Posts: 138
4/11/13 3:35 P

Way to jump back on! I was off for almost two years, now I am back..... Four days with all food tracked. I was working out, just eating crazy..... Everything tracked and feeling better already....

Posts: 265
4/11/13 3:14 P

Welcome back! Start tracking again and pushing forward. It's hard when you've been away, but in a week or two you'll be so happy you did.

Posts: 267
4/11/13 11:50 A

It's crazy how such a little time of eating badly and not moving makes you feel bad.I went off plan for a few days and felt horrible(heatburn,bloating,etc) I can relate! Get right back to it,because you know that you'll feel good again emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,004
4/11/13 11:12 A

I know exactly how you feel! Great advice below- start tracking again, see what changes you need to make there. Start with shorter runs and build back up! You can start making healthy choices right now! And you already started by coming back :)

SparkPoints: (2,358)
Fitness Minutes: (465)
Posts: 92
4/10/13 3:51 P

Best bet is to just get right back in there! Start tracking what you've eaten today is a good step..

I seen this great article this week that I saved in my favorites and it's perfect for your post.

"25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today"

Here's the link:


Posts: 26
4/10/13 3:45 P

For almost two weeks! I need some encouragement to get back on. The scale says I gained 5 pounds back (which I'm sure will slide off when I get back to running and eating right) but it's amazing how awful I feel--just for eating poorly and not running for a couple of weeks.

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