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STACYGIRL1 Posts: 38
6/10/08 9:55 A

I had this problem when I first started exercising. I'm also vegetarian... what helped for me was having a protein shake 30 minutes before my workout. I think my muscles were just shocked that I was actually making them work! LOL

I don't have that problem anymore so I don't eat before my workouts. But if I'm feeling a little bit shaky after my workout I'll have that protein shake blended with fruit (usually a banana and blueberries). Hope this helps :)

GETTRIM4ME Posts: 93
6/10/08 1:46 A

Have you tried eating before exercising? You may need to get your blood sugar tested. If your face goes numb or your mouth becomes tingly you really should check your sugar level. Could you be diabetic or insulin resistant? If you get shaky,you may want to keep quick sugar on hand (think-- candy, orange juice, or sugary drink). If your blood sugar drops too low, it could cause mental confusion.
Hope this is helpful.

6/8/08 7:44 P

You can buy a basic glucometer for only $20. It will come with a few strips and instructions. If you use it, you'll know if your hypoglycemia is the issue and will then know how to solve it.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
6/8/08 4:47 P

And drink water, that helps.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,459
6/8/08 4:46 P

I am also hypoglycemic, when I feel this way. I will eat a little snack.

If you are way to shaky to fix yourself a snack, then desperate times call for desperate measures. Pop a packet of sugar into your mouth. You can avoid this by listening to your body and knowing when one of these spells is coming on.

I will quit exercising and eat something, when I first begin to feel shaky.

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6/8/08 2:28 P

Make sure you're blood surgar is at a healthy level. This may make a huge difference. Also make sure your iron levels are normal. And if you have a hard time with protien try the protien bars like powerbar.

They also have protien waters out now. I would look into those as well. Nuts/peanutbutter is a great source of protien. I saw you ate eggs that's a great source too.

You may also want to talk with your doctor about seeing if there is a new medicine for your asthma that is for more active lifestyles. If you try something new and it still doesnt help consider just walking vigoursly. It may not burn as many calories as quickly as other cardio but it all adds up.

Best of luck

DOLPHIN7769 Posts: 1,358
6/8/08 1:46 P

i would just workout slow and stead keep it monitored. keep plenty of h20 on hand while working out. make sure there is a fan to keep you cool dont want to get overheated. keep a snack on hand too.(incase of blood sugar)
have you checked your sugar levels to make sure they are ok?

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6/8/08 1:38 P

Were you properly hydrated before you started exercising?

6/8/08 12:19 P

Try smaller doses of exercise. If thirty minutes makes you dizzy, try breaking it into two fifteen minute sessions separated by fifteen m kinutes of restful activities. I have found this works to combat the dizziness I haqve experienced

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6/8/08 12:02 P

Even just some core exercises that I did this a.m. left me shaky, and unstable. Normally, I run up and down the stairs in our house and it's no problem, but today, just after exercising, I had to hold onto the rail with a death grip to keep from falling down them. This happens everytime I exercise. At first I thought it was just the perpetual motion of the treadmill at the gym that made me dizzy, but it doesn't matter if I'm on the treadmill, the walking trail, the stationary bike, or the floor. What is going on and how can I make it stop?

Some things to know about me that might help someone answer this:
I'm hypoglycemic, vegetarian, asthmatic, and lactose intolerant. So I have trouble getting in protien and run out of breath easily. but! none of these was a problem today as I had egg whites and didn't run out of breath.

Thanks to anyone who can help or might have some insight.

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