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2/13/14 2:20 A

I am older than you are and have reached the age where if I don't work out, I gain weight. I think what has helped motivate me is that I watched things like the Biggest Loser and realized that it is just mathematics. If I don't want to track food or lower calories, I have to do cardio. If I don't do cardio one hour a day, I am at the age where I will gain - unless I really adjust my calories down. For me, I suddenly had a choice and knew what to do.

One hour of cardio, plus weights 3 times a week.... and I am losing..... if I get lazy and don't want to work out, I have a choice to decrease my calories instead or gain weight.

Making it a matter of simple mathematical choice and understanding, by faith, that if I do the work outs or lower my calories, I will keep losing. If I don't, I will gain.

Something about that has made it simple for me.

The Biggest Losers lose 100 pounds quickly, because they exercise hours a day. Jillian says straight out, don't do what they are doing. The point is.... if you work out enough you will lose and that will allow you to get away with not journaling, but studies say that journaling improves your results, so you have a choice whether improving your results, even for a while, is worth it.

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2/12/14 10:07 A

Thank you for the words of inspiration; they are greatly appreciated by me today emoticon

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/12/14 9:52 A

Join a meetup or start a meetup group in your area to have company for some regular walking. It doesn't cost anything. You can cover a lot of territory just walking around the block 10 times. Start slow and add gradually, over time. Don't change your diet, but don't start eating more - make an effort to watch your calories even if you don't 'track' them.

Give yourself a few months of this activity to see if you're making progress toward your goal. Walking is free. You don't need to join a Y. Meetups are free. It's right outside your door - the space to walk. Meetups just bolster your motivation and give you some company.

If you don't want the company, download some great podcasts and/or music (I prefer podcasts) and listen while you walk. If you don't want to mark the distance, mark the time - time your podcasts and then you know if you've listened to X amount, you've been moving for Y amount of time. Lifting weights is fine but moving your body through space is important.

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2/10/14 7:31 P

by the way, you can cheaply buy body fat callipers and have a friend or someone do measurements, there are calculators for that online. Doing your other measurements is another option and I don't just mean waist, but everything from neck to forearms to ankles. You will see changes in those numbers that you may not see on the scale.

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2/10/14 7:31 P

Have to agree about the "tracking". It gets easier the more you do it. And if you start not putting in all the food you are actually eating, it will definitely show on the scale. Best advice is to track every morsel you eat. I haven't been able to exercise as much as I would like but have been tracking everything I eat for 4 months and have lost 52 pounds. You can do it. Just start! emoticon

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2/10/14 7:28 P

You're saying you want to lose this weight and that this will make you super tiny? Maybe you should find out your body fat percentage and track that instead of weight. This may be the right way to track progess for you, especially if you're lifting heavy, you may just be replacing your loss with muscle gain and that is just fine.

Also, I understand not wanting to do a food diary, but perhaps it's a good idea for a week or so without altering your eating habits - just so you know exactly what you're eating on average and where you may want to make adjustments. After that maybe track once a week.

Good luck with your goals.

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2/10/14 6:15 P

The truth is that tracking helps. For too long I thought because I was a vegetarian I didn't suffer the same nutritional follies that others did. But tracking lets me see where my nutritional values are going, and I can plan my meals better (high carb lunch? low carb dinner). Since I track weekdays only, the weekends allow me to relax a little (while not going overboard) and use my mental tracking to help. You may find tracking only 5 days a week easier, and the more you track, the easier it may become to mentally track.

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2/10/14 4:52 P

The problem is twofold here. WEight loss is about the food you eat... not the exercise you do. You may not feel comfortable keeping a food journal, but tracking your nutrition is the single most powerful tool you have available to you. People as a general rule SUCK at estimating how much they're eating, and almost always underestimate. That's how we gain weight in the first place.

You may not have a year to lose the weight, but your body doesn't care about your schedule. What is realistic is that the less you have to lose, the longer it will take to lose it. If you're over 300 lbs, losing 100 lbs in a year is easy (relatively.) When you're down to the last 10, you're looking at a 1/2 a pound a week or *less* on average. Losing weight on a schedule is a great way to land yourself in frustration and failure. That's because our bodies abide by certain metabolic processes that don't care about special events.

A good rule of thumb is about 3% of your remaining weight loss goal. IF you have 20 lbs to lose, that means you can reasonably aim for .5-.6.

At 10 lbs, that's more like .25-.33 lbs weekly.

Aiming to wear a certain pair of jeans is usually unreasonable. You buy clothes to fit your body; you don't force your body to fit certain clothes.

And always, there will be weeks you lose, weeks you don't, and weeks you may even gain. If you're female, this can even because caused by fluctuations in hormones.

At 5'2 and 140, you're only slightly overweight. If you lost 20 lbs, that would put you at the low end of a healthy weight. Whether or not you can even achieve that is a whole 'nuther story. When I was in college, I was 5'7 and 145, and I looked downright skeletal. I have no desire to achieve that weight now, and I couldn't maintain it if I tried. My goal is a more reasonable 155, because I lift weights, and will have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio.

If you want to lose weight, you're going to need to track your nutrition. If you don't, you may never have the information you need to actually lose weight. If you're exercising, and not losing weight, then it's your food. You can't out-exercise a poor diet.

LACOYTA Posts: 596
2/10/14 10:14 A

I don't have a whole year to lose the weight. I have a pair of really cute summer pants that I want to wear this year. 10-15 lbs would probably get me in them. I have no way of getting my body fat checked but I have a 30 inch waist.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
2/10/14 7:41 A

I agree with the body fat percentage, as a start. No point obsessing over the number on the scale, if your body fat percentage is already low. I'd also have to say that weight loss is about 80% what/ how much we eat.... so if you're unwilling to track your food, even just for a while to see how things are shaking out on average.... I'm not surprized you're not losing weight. To lose a pound, there needs to be a 3500 calorie deficit over a period of time. If you don't know how much you're eating.... maybe you're not creating a deficit.

LARISSA_NY Posts: 200
2/10/14 7:11 A

What's your body fat level? If you're low enough already that you can see great bicep definition, you might just not have any to spare. Remember that, if you lift, your body weight isn't going to mean quite the same thing on the "tiny" metric as it would if you had no muscle and starved yourself. You can be 140 pounds and a size 8 or 140 pounds and a size 6, depending on your relative amounts of muscle and body fat.

BELLYDOG Posts: 2,452
2/10/14 2:13 A

Make a collage of the reasons why you want to be healthy. Take old magazines ads and photos and words and whatever, put it all together in a collage and place it where you will see it every day. Losing 2 pounds per month for a whole year would be 24 pounds, and the slower you take it off, the more likely you are to keep it off. Be happy with your progress, this isn't a race, it is a journey. Motivation is something that comes from within. Post affirmations around the house too. Give yourself a small, nonfood reward after each exercise session and soon you will start to enjoy the exercise without need for the reward.

2/9/14 10:59 P

Staying motivated is hard. I use photos and upcoming events to help keep me going.

LACOYTA Posts: 596
2/9/14 9:15 P

I'm 29, female 5 ft 2 (I weigh around 140, but I lift weights so it's not like I'm a mushy ball of fat- my biceps are awesome) and losing weight is super hard I've only lost like 1 or 2 lbs this year. I really get annoyed not losing weight every week. I really don't want to have to keep a food diary because I don't feel comfortable doing that. Frankly I just want to lose 15-20 lbs, become one of those women who LOVE workouts, and get to work on the next phases of my self improvement plan. My overall goal was to be one of those people others aspire to be. And my first step was (supposed to be) to lose at least 15 lbs so I could be super tiny.
The moment to moment trying to stay motivated is really hard, I've been trying to lose weight since I was 13 years old. So not being thinner is a letdown. Any way to make being motivated easier? Please keep in mind that I don't have extra money right now to spend on anything.

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