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CBERR9 Posts: 72
1/14/10 4:55 P

Just like the others said eat more protein, as all your breakfast is a carb/fat. Also, try eating something with more fiber in it as this will keep you full for longer. Kashi makes a great cereal called "go-lean" which is high in protein and fiber.

Being hungry after eating breakfast is very normal as its the meal that kick starts your metabolism, so you will be most hungry after breakfast. Its a good sign means your body burning the food as fuel.


1/14/10 4:33 P

I don't usually eat dinner until about 7 when I get home from the gym. I go to bed about 9 as well.

I don't like oatmeal but hard boiled eggs are an idea. Maybe I'll make an omelet each night too so I can just grab one and pop it in the microwave.

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1/14/10 4:27 P

I would suggest hard boiling a bunch of eggs so you can grab one on your way out. Try eating oatmeal. It's very filling. I usually am hungry about two hours after I eat breakfast even when I eat a good one, though.

MEGDIE3 Posts: 26
1/14/10 4:22 P

everytime im hungry after eating, i just drink a bottle of water or chew gum. you might not be hungry but just in the mood to munch.
also, when do you stop eating at night? you may just need a snack two hours before bed.

1/14/10 4:09 P

I am usually pretty rushed in the mornings trying to get ready for work and stuff. I might try to scramble an egg the night before and then heat it up in the microwave or something.

1/14/10 2:57 P

One of the reasons eating breakfast is so important is that it gets your metabolism going right away. This could be why you feel hungry so quickly. I am the same way so what I've found that works for me is to eat my breakfast spaced out. I'll break up my breakfast and eat every hour or 2. I know this doesn't work for a lot of people because of schedules and such, but I eat little 100 calorie snacks (not the packaged ones, but like a pear or something) more frequently than the norm.

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1/14/10 2:10 P

I agree - lots of fat, lots of sugar, but not much protein.

For me, fruit in the morning also means I'm hungry all day, partiuclarly a Sweet Fruit like banana.

How about berries instead, and adding some protein like eggs, tuna, chicken, etc.

1/14/10 11:24 A

You are eating too many carbs and not enough protein. Try melted reduced fat cheese (1/2 to 1oz) on a light multigrain english muffin (Thomas') with a poached egg or egg without any oil or butter and skim milk 1/2 cup. I am full until lunch for sure.

1/14/10 11:07 A

I eat a pretty healthy breakfast. Skim milk, banana, whole grain cheerios and peanut butter on whole wheat toast today. But it doesn't matter what I eat for breakfast I always feel hungry again about an hour after eating!!!!

Anyone else have this problem??? I've always been like this. It seems if I skip breakfast than I don't feel as hungry until it gets closer to lunch but I know that skipping breakfast isn't good for my metabolism. What gives?

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