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12/17/12 10:31 P

Hi MM - since you know this is a time you crave something, have you added an extra "meal" to your tracker? Call it "late night snack" and try to keep it under 100-150 calories. Plan for it through the day.

I like sweet too, but fruit will usually satisfy that for me. One of my current favorites is a greek vanilla yogurt (Dannon Light and Fit is only 80 cals and fills that sweet craving!) with pomegranite seeds. Or try an apple sliced with a tbs of natural peanut butter.

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12/17/12 9:30 A

I'm late with my response and hope you were able to stay out of the kitchen. Something that has helped me, once I've recieved my calorie goals for the day - I brush my teeth for about four minutes. It seems to be a good signal to my brain that we are finished for the day. The other thing that helps in finding a quiet spot and spending about two minutes breathing deeply. All the best to you!

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12/16/12 9:54 P

Don't go into the kitchen and mindlessly eat right now! I share you desire to eat healthy tonight. Have you worked out today? I find that if I do some yoga or a little workout it will help clear my mind. Have you tried any of Coach Nicole's videos on the healthy lifestyle tab? There are a lot there that are 10 minutes or under.

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12/16/12 9:30 P

I have an issue with eating late at night - it began ever since the middle of my first semester in college this year. I just made myself some hot green tea, but I really want food. And by "food", I mean something sugary, like a cupcake. I know I'll feel guilty after I eat it. I guess I just need someone to tell me to not go into the kitchen and mindlessly eat right now.

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