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12/26/12 12:55 A

Start fresh a new day!

12/26/12 12:45 A

I like the taste, but it makes me feel like crap! So I try to remember that feeling.

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12/25/12 10:51 P

Sometimes I wake up and instantly want to grab something bad to eat when I have a craving I just chug a bunch fo water and the craving subsides

DIANE7786 Posts: 4,854
12/24/12 12:07 A

I have a similar problem. Healthy food tastes good to me but I feel I should eat more (deserve more?) "regular" food during the holidays. Nothing ever tastes as good as I remember. It doesn't take much before I feel funny--sick to my stomach and so hungry I want the whole serving platter. I think it's carb overload. My solution is healthy versions of my favorite holiday foods. They really tastes better to me and I don't get that funny feeling. I really don't feel deprived.

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12/23/12 3:28 P


Are you under any unusual stress this year ? stress can cause a person to eat for comfort when they really don't want to eat. It's also possible that your low carb intake may be too low and that might be the reason your body is craving sugar. Are you eating enough ? Eating too little during the day in a quest to be "good" can set us up for failure later. So, do make sure you're eating enough during the day so that you don't feel hungry later.

Are you having enough healthy snacks ? When you feel an urge to go for a treat, how about having a piece of fruit instead ? The natural sweetness of the fruit, plus the added fiber should help keep your blood sugar levels stable so that you don't feel an urge to over eat.

Not to get nosy, but is it TOM ? Many women do tend to have cravings for sugary treats around the time of their menstrual cycle. So, it's also possible some of your cravings could be PMS related.

These are just educated guesses. Because we're all different why one person feels a need to over eat will be different from someone else.

What to do ? Try having a piece of fruit or some other healthy snack. If you think the candy is too sweet, that really is a signal to stop and think about WHY it is you feel an urge to keep eating. And yes, there really is a reason why we keep eating. We might not like the answer, but there is always an answer.

just a few thoughts.


12/23/12 2:11 P

Hey guys, I don't know why but I'm struggling this Christmas. Last Christmas I actually managed to lose 2.3kg (5lbs) and I remember it being fairly easy to just say no last Christmas. I don't understand my sudden urge to eat all sugar treats and junk when I don't even like it. For example, there's a box of Thorntons Moments lying around and I had 5 pieces. After each one I felt sick because it was too sweet (I can't believe I'm saying that). You'd think after each one I'd stop because of it but I carried on thinking I'd enjoy the next one. Evidently, it didn't happen because now I'm sitting here feeling a little bit sick and completely irritated/dissatisfied :(. I think the fact that I'm trying to keep within a lower range of carbs is also getting me annoyed at myself. Btw I'm doing the low carb method because I've found it's the only thing that's helping me lose weight as I have PCOS. Thus far 23.3kg (51lbs) as of this morning but I'm still feeling crappy.

I have no idea how to stop eating junk! I don't even want it, but I'm eating it and it's messing with my weightloss! I think it's okay to have a treat at Christmas but not the whole biscuit tin, any tips/advice would be so helpful!

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