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1/14/12 5:19 P

You're a girl

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1/14/12 12:50 P

Everyone is different especially males and females.

ANARIE Posts: 13,179
1/14/12 12:48 P

Of course you gain weight if you eat as much as a man. That's the way it works. Men burn more calories than women, period and full stop. There are a bunch of reasons, mostly that they have a higher percentage of muscle and lower percentage of fat, but it's just a basic fact of human biology. I think the difference is something like 25%. You have to eat a lot less than he does to maintain the same weight. And if you want to weigh less than he does, the difference will be even bigger. Larger people burn more calories than smaller people. One of my best girlfriends is 6'1", and she can eat twice as much as I do at 5'1".

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SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
1/14/12 11:58 A

You can't compare yourself to your boyfriend; it's apples to oranges. We all have that friend though who can eat whatever she wants and not gain any weight, some people just have a higher metabolism than us.

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1/14/12 11:30 A

I can think of a few possibilities to start.

It could be that your metabolism is 'slower' than his. In other words, while you sleep, you sleep. While he sleeps, he is burning calories because his core temperature is 0.5 degrees higher....that sort of thing.

Another possibility is that he has more muscle and less fat in his body. Muscles are always working and burning calories even when at rest, while fat is much more stable.

Another possibility is that not all foods are created equal. Saying, "calories in, calories out" is kind of an oversimplification of the wondrous biological things that we are. For example, it could be that your body reacts to carbohydrates in a more extreme way than his does, and so you store fat really efficiently while he does not.

We are not all the same. Two people who weigh the same thing (or even have the same body fat percentage, too) don't have the same nutrition and calorie needs.

I can remember as a kid growing up with a brother who was the same height as me and yet he could eat (I am not exaggerating) two Wendy's triples, a large chili, a frosty, a large fries and a large sugar soda and he was as thin as a noodle. Meanwhile, I would eat a third of that and was the fattest kid in my school. It isn't fair!

I have learned that for me, my problem is carbohydrates. If I eat 2000 calories that are only 15% carbs, I maintain weight. If I eat 2000 calories that are 60% carbs then two things happen....I gain weight and I am starvingly hungry!

You need to find out what works for you and not worry about what works for your boyfriend. Find what helps you maintain a healthy weight AND is satisfying.

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1/14/12 10:48 A

I eat less than my boyfriend and we eat the same things, I do more physical activities than he does, so why is it that i am constantly gaining weight and he never does. Thanks for answering my question I really appreciate it : )

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