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SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
11/17/09 2:58 P

I eat oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every day. There's nothing wrong with eating cereal everyday, provided it's in the right portion size and isn't laden with sugar.

JDOG1960 Posts: 806
11/17/09 10:52 A

I eat cereal every day for breakfast otherwise I wouldn't hit my fiber for the day. I do add some protein with it like bacon, ham, or turkey ham.

ILOST150POUNDS Posts: 1,662
11/17/09 9:32 A

I don't think it's bad, but perhaps adding in something new once a week might be fun. I tend to eat the same things over and over - even now after losing all my weight!

RENA1965 Posts: 17,878
11/17/09 9:31 A

I used to eat the same thing, but now rotate it with cheese, egg and porridge..
I love my porridge but it is essential to keep the stomach guessing so it doesn't survive on the usual and make a plateau..
The stomach like the other muscles is a muscle and it needs to be teased to keep working sharp all the time.. I will also grab things I like less often just to keep my metabolism in high gear. A couple of days eating non regular things shifts my weight back down if it starts creeping up.. The body thinks oh hell this is new, I better get off my hands and process it.. If you keep feeding the stomach the same, oh hum oh hum don't have to work I know that food well..

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BRAVE_NEW_ME Posts: 4,252
11/17/09 4:38 A

I'd say the same thing for breakfast every day is fine as long as you're getting plenty of variety in the rest of your day's diet.

11/16/09 11:07 P

It's okay to eat the same thing every morning as long as it keeps you full!

MONIEE2 SparkPoints: (152,211)
Fitness Minutes: (49,819)
Posts: 4,739
11/16/09 9:22 P

I eat a lot of cereal too, it is quick, easy & filling! I love raisin bran!!

MEGANE2007 SparkPoints: (24,109)
Fitness Minutes: (73,773)
Posts: 693
11/16/09 8:33 P

I don't think eating cereal everyday is bad at all-especially the kinds you listed. Now if it were sugar-laden cereal with whole instead of 1% or skim milk I'd say you might want to change it up but you're definitely eating the right kind of cereal! I love cereal too-fiber one honey clusters, grape nut flakes and instant packets of maple brown sugar oatmeal are my favorites :)

JAKEANDNELLIE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (54,521)
Posts: 19,188
11/16/09 5:10 P

Do you count oatmeal as cereal? I always have 2 Quaker lower-sugar packs with 1/2 cup blueberries. I don't like milk so I mix Activia Light yogurt with it. I vary the oatmeal and yogurt flavors so I don't get totally tired of it.

HEATHXO SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,254)
Posts: 502
11/16/09 4:19 P

thats not a bad thing! i eat cereal every morning too! i love frosted shredded wheat. which has alot of fiber.. just find something that is kind of healthy...not something like coco puffs or reeses puffs lol. those arent really good for you but cheerios are good for you so dont worry emoticon

emoticon Heather

FROUBABY Posts: 42
11/16/09 2:38 P

I typically eat cereal each day. I switch though between a Kashi cereal and grape nuts. The only days I'll eat the same cereal in a row is when I've ran out of one and haven't gotten to the store to buy a new box.

I don't think there is anything wrong though with eating the same cereal each day as long as you are mixing up your other meals from day to day. I believe as long as you are making some variations to your meals from day to day overall then you should be fine with your weight loss. I think eating the same thing every day gets your body stagnant to where you can't lose (or something like that - I'm not the pro).

ANGMARIE123 Posts: 91
11/14/09 2:57 P

hi! this may be stupid, what is cereal burnout? :)

FIT2BTHIN2 Posts: 286
11/14/09 2:44 P

I have Cereal every mornign too. This is the one constant meal for me. I to have cereal, almond milk, and fresh fruit.

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/14/09 1:08 P

As long as you don't hit cereal burn out. I eat cereal 5 days a week and some times I hit burn out so I eat something else.

MELS-JOURNEY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,885)
Posts: 300
11/14/09 12:35 P

Are you having the Cheerios with milk? As long as you're getting protein, fat, and carbs with the meal, I wouldn't be concerned about having the same thing every day.

11/14/09 9:50 A

I very rarely vary in what I eat for breakfast. It is important to eat a variety of foods but you can do that with other meals and snacks.

KARLYKARZ Posts: 453
11/14/09 9:05 A

I don't think it's bad to eat cereal daily. I don't eat it simply because it doesn't keep me full for very long and I'm never satisfied just with a serving, but if you're satisfied then I don't see anything wrong with it.

ANGMARIE123 Posts: 91
11/14/09 9:02 A

Its always the same thing - cheerios with fiber one and a glass of OJ. Is this bad to eat cereal daily?

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