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5/16/14 5:24 P

While this is an area for confusion; it is also an are for a little experimenting.

On non-exercise days---stay in the lower end of your calorie range 1200-1400.
On exercise days--stay in the upper range 1400-1550.

If there are days that you are doing an extensive amount of exercise; you may feel the hunger need to increase by 100-150 more calories.

Listen to your belly hunger, your energy level, are you sensing fatigue....
Watch your weekly weight loss.

These can help you hon in on the calorie range that best meets your body's needs and your weight loss goals.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

5/16/14 3:57 P

Awesome. Thank you so much. You're a lifesaver!

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5/16/14 3:53 P

.OK - above on the orange bar - My Trackers, click My Nutrition - bottom right hand side of page, Change Nutrition Goals - bottom of the page (this is how mine looks):

How My Daily Calorie Range is Determined
Your Fitness Tracker is not communicating with your Nutrition Tracker; your current calorie range is not affected whether (or how much) you exercise. Learn More / Edit This Setting

5/16/14 3:31 P

Okay so what I understand from the below link is that I should not be eating back my calories which is deflating. I've been sitting at 1200 calories for the last week after including any exercise I have done. So, is there a way to unlink my nutrition tracker from my fitness tracker? If so, how?

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
5/16/14 3:10 P

This is not your confusion alone. The linking of people's fitness and nutrition trackers has caused so much confusion - and it is relativity new. Sorry to say it...not the best idea.

You can unlink them.

5/16/14 1:43 P

Okay apparently i'm not the brightest bulb in the house cause I just dont get it. In the morning, I am allowed between 1200-1550 calories/day. Then I work out and burn about 300-400 calories. Does that mean that I should,at the very minimum eat 1500 calories - essentially eating back my calories that I burned? Or do I just eat 1200-1550 calories regardless of how many calories I burn off? Help!!!!!!

P.S. I have read that at the end of the day you should have an intake of 1200 AFTER exercising but I have also read that you are not supposed to eat back your calories.

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