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11/27/13 8:20 A

Of my children was a "velcro baby" as well!!! I laughed at that comment, and it brought back many fond memories.

I ran a daycare out of my home when my children were young, so I could be at home with them. There are so many opportunities through the day to be active with them. You don't have to find time to go to a gym to exercise, just dance with the kids, play fox and goose, tag outdoors, anything to get THEM moving (we are bringing up a generation of non-movers and I'd love to see that reversed). Ten minutes at a time is all you need, three or more times a day. Exercise doesn't have to come in a large chunk of time.

Did you enter the log and icecream into your nutrition tracker? For me, that was a huge eye opener - seeing how often I ate, and what calories were in each food. If you don't log it, you can learn. If you seem to be eating more while breastfeeding, your body is likely telling you that it needs more nutrients. Try having a bigger breakfast, with GOOD food and healthy calories. Plan out your daily meals in advance, and enter them into the tracker. If you spread your calories more evenly in your day, you won't be craving or hungry late at night.

I was remembering last night one of my fondest memories with my first child was riding my bike with him in the baby seat behind me. We both loved those rides.

It sounds like you have an awful lot going on in your life right now. Try getting enough sleep along the way, as that really helps with making good choices. It took me a couple of years to figure that one out - but when I'm sleep deprived, I make some really bad choices.

And vent away - this site is great for getting support!

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11/26/13 2:40 P

Excellent advice from Tanya!!
Maybe dont BUY the logs and ice cream? If they arent there sounds like you have so much going on you wouldnt just run out to get them.
As for the lasagna and stir fry. Do an estimate..for instance look up a chinese meal on spark..type in beef stir fry. See what a serving is. A cup maybe? then put in how many servings you ate (i know for myself a cup wouldnt satisfy me so i'd probably say 1.5 servings) and then use that. Dont obsess a little high or low will even out eventually..just gives you an idea.
Also. when i had my babies i breastfed also. didnt make me lose weight. And i thought i was doing scads of exercise till i got a pedometer...was i shocked at how truly LITTLE i was doing. Sure seemed like alot..but it wasnt . You might try the new Spark Tracker or if thats out of your range pick up an inexpensive step counter in the fitness section of walmart.

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11/26/13 11:16 A

Plenty of research shows that small bouts of exercise can add up and provide just as many heart-healthy benefits as longer workouts. You don't even have to be at the gym or wearing workout clothes for it to count. You can squeeze in little bits of activity here and there so that even when you're too busy for a full workout, you can stay active and burn calories.

This article contains simple and inventive ways to transform the must-do activities of daily life into mini-workouts.

Sneak It In and Tone It Up
Fit in Exercise No Matter Where You Are

Coach Tanya

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11/26/13 7:29 A

I need help. I have trouble tracking my food because I find it hard to know how muxh eaxh thing is, even with the food scale. Like last night I made stir fry with the left over roast, it was all fried in the frying pan with brown rice and veggies, and was cooked for my whole family and enough that my husband can take left overs to work, but when I weighed it its not going to be accurate because the scale doesn't know the mix of roast to rice to veggies and this problem comes up so much with Lasagna, casseroles, etc.
Then my will power sucks I hate a whole container of Candy Cane Ice Cream, and half a Log Cake (they only come out this time of year and were sooooo delicious but tons of unwanted fat and calories)
And I run a daycare, have a one year old son, have to keep my house spotless for the daycare and am doing online college courses at night and I just find I never have time to exercise. I run after kids all day, I carry my 25 lbs baby constantly (he's a velcro baby lol) but obiviously its not enough and just don't know when in my day to add more exercise. I tried doing it before I work on my school work but that's usually 8:30-9pm (when my little guy goes to bed) and I find it will keep me up all night and I have to get up at 6am for the daycare.
I'm sorry I know this all sounds like excuses, I just needed to vent and just don't know what to do. I wish I had a better action plan, so way to get everything in, to make sure I'm only eating what I should.
I gained 10 lbs this month alone!! I've had a horrible time losing weight since I had my baby and everyone said I would lose with breastfeeding but I've been gaining like CRAZY!
Ugh I need help! I don't know how to do this

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