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8/6/11 4:58 P

That's a great milestone to tick off - well done

8/6/11 11:46 A

what a great accomplishment !!!

emoticon emoticon

REVSERENA SparkPoints: (43,814)
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8/6/11 11:31 A

I remember when it happened to me. I was using the wii fit to weigh. A little voice admonishes "that's obese!" I hated that little voice. I did a happy dance the day the wii first called me overweight! Good For You!


FANCIE217 Posts: 10
8/5/11 5:45 A

emoticon It feels great don't it? =)

DWELLS1994 Posts: 1,664
8/4/11 12:58 A

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8/3/11 7:01 P


BIG_BEAR73 SparkPoints: (22,462)
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8/3/11 6:50 P

woo hoo, way to go!

MIS2101 Posts: 4,000
8/3/11 6:01 P

emoticon emoticon

MODEMAMA Posts: 200
8/3/11 5:25 P

Awesome job!

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8/3/11 4:16 P

Lately my weight has been fluctuating around the same range and it's been driving me insane. Plus, when it goes up by that 1-3 pounds it makes me so depressed. So I've been avoiding the scale. Aside from that, I stopped looking at my BMI ages ago because it was always "obese" and it made me feel awful.

Well today I was doing some calorie needs calculations and BMI was included. I'm not "obese" anymore! I didn't even realize I was that close to a change, let alone that I had slid from obese to overweight. It sounds funny to say I'm ecstatic that I'm now "just overweight" but I am! That is some major motivation for me, and I really need it right now. I'm going to fight to stay in that category and not head back into the obese range.

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