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I did it!!!!

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SparkPoints: (150,487)
Fitness Minutes: (135,035)
Posts: 3,948
2/9/12 1:49 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon A wonderful accomplishment! Hang on to the great feeling! And Thank God and SparkPeople!

Posts: 6,270
2/9/12 1:39 P


Posts: 406
2/9/12 8:16 A


SparkPoints: (19,784)
Fitness Minutes: (11,609)
Posts: 835
2/9/12 4:18 A

I'm impressed. Congratulations!

Posts: 3,800
2/6/12 9:33 P

Such an inspiration!

Posts: 6,698
2/6/12 11:38 A

GAILMJ, where did you get help with maintenance? Or were you able to find any?

Posts: 22
12/5/11 7:15 P

Hey, Gail, you have done something that, in all my life, I have NEVER EVER been able to do!! I am SOOO proud for you! What perseverence, what dedication! You must be over the moon!
Way to go!!! Hopefully, one day I'll be able to say that, thanks to folks like you, I finally actually DID go all the way!
What a great holiday present - to YOURSELF!!!


emoticon emoticon

Posts: 2,139
12/5/11 5:53 P

That is SO exciting!! Congratulations on reaching your goal and thank you for motivating me!!

Posts: 14,095
12/5/11 5:20 P

Well done on reaching your goal!

Posts: 1,445
12/5/11 4:19 P

woo hoo

Posts: 572
12/5/11 2:35 P

congrats! I'm very happy for you. I am at the beginning of my journey but our weight loss goals are similar and I can't wait to be where you are!

SparkPoints: (63,881)
Fitness Minutes: (35,523)
Posts: 4,322
12/5/11 1:51 P

Congrats! I know you look and feel like a million bucks! Keep that Spark burning!

SparkPoints: (109,045)
Fitness Minutes: (70,497)
Posts: 3,785
12/5/11 1:36 P


Posts: 6,270
12/5/11 11:56 A


SparkPoints: (32,961)
Fitness Minutes: (9,701)
Posts: 333
12/5/11 11:03 A should be very proud and beaming from ear to ear! emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (36,380)
Fitness Minutes: (35,279)
Posts: 1,397
12/5/11 10:57 A

It's a wonderful thing to hit goal. I'm so glad for you. If this goal is your final goal, and you are now entering maintenance, have no fear. I've been on maintenance a little over a month and, for me, it has been a very smooth transition. Stay with Sparkpeople and you will live continued success.

Spark On!

SparkPoints: (29,089)
Fitness Minutes: (28,646)
Posts: 1,987
12/5/11 10:35 A

Look at you go!
That's fantastic and your post is so motivating for those of us not quite there yet (can't wait to join you). You've got a lot of great reasons to be super proud.
Very thrilled for you!

SparkPoints: (14,728)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 252
12/5/11 9:55 A

I finally reached my goal weight! I did it!
I like that I am no longer in the obese BMI category. I like the way I look. I like that I can wear regular size clothes. I am proud of myself for not giving up, although I wanted to a few times along the way. I LOVE the way I feel and I LOVE that I met my goal.

oh, and looking at the tracker at the bottom of my post makes me smile :)

Edited by: GAILMJ at: 12/5/2011 (09:57)

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