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CAT-IN-CJ Posts: 5,051
11/9/12 7:31 P

Yes. What the posters before me have said . . . . exactly.
I could have written it. I have written my version of it.

The nutrition tracking and fitness tracking is really important.

Place your list of WHY's someplace where you'll see it all the time. A constant reminder.

Make a vision collage . . . pics of the things you want to be different.

Stop the STINKIN' THINKIN' -- negative self-talk.

Have a list of motivational sayings to replace it.

Here's a good one I found today and have it on my wall:
SparkPeople's Coach Tanya says:
Think before you eat to decide why you have made the selection.
This tip can help you begin taking control of mindless eating.

If you hate starting over . . . stop quitting.

Learn to love yourself. . . . Lots of other people do.
They can't all be wrong.

emoticon emoticon

Let's DO this!!!

DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,757
11/5/12 11:42 A

I could have written your post PhotoLover, stay strong honey, you are just like so many of us here taking it day by day. Keep us posted on your progress. emoticon

LJOYCE55 SparkPoints: (136,363)
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11/5/12 9:01 A

Please know that many of us are here for the same reason as you. I have only been using this site for a couple of months, but find that the food tracking log helps keep me in balance, especially since I can see which areas I am overeating or under eating. I don't always meet my food goals, but it is so much better than it was. I have steadily and slowly lost weight almost every week and each pound lost keeps me trying. I wish you well and welcome to the journey we are all sharing here.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 70,988
11/4/12 11:44 P

Don't quit. No matter what DON'T QUIT.

Read "THE SUGAR FIX" by Richard Johnson M.D. and watch his lecture on YouTube.

Watch the series on YouTube "THE SKINNY ON OBESITY" by Robert Lustig M.D. His lecture "Sugar: the bitter truth: is well worth listening to on YouTube.

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
11/4/12 11:13 P

YOU can do this alot of your reasons to lose were the same as mine both my girls were starting to be overweight too, my oldest has lost 64 pounds, and my youngest has maintained her weight but gotten taller. Its amazing the difference in my oldest she has so much more self confidence, we can do so much more outdoors as a family now.
Its a hard journey to begin, but always keep in mind why you started! emoticon emoticon

11/4/12 7:34 P

Here I am, another night fat night. Thats what I call those nights I sit up and wonder why I ate as much as I did and how it was not worth it. Then I will go on to get myself all pumped up about how tomorrow will be different. But in this case, it will!! I have to find a way tomorrow to break the cycle right off the bat. I havn't figured out what it is yet. Maybe I won't go back to bed? Maybe I'll take a walk right away?? I HAVE to do something to break the vicious day and freaking day cycle i've been in for 10 years now!

EVERY fall I say 'this is it!!! i'm gonna kick butt all winter and shock my friends in the spring!!!!" and every summer I find myself crying when I have nothing to wear b/c I've gained weight instead. Here it is...november and still nothing. But its not too late, not by a long shot and I"m gonna do this!

Reasons to stay overweight:
**its easier
**i like junk food

Reasons to lose:
**I hate what I've done to myself.
**I hate the thunder thighs and the muffin tops and the sore back
**I have NO ENERGY!!
**my family needs me to feed them healthy foods!!!
**I want to feel sexy again!
**I want to swim again!
**I'm tired of being the fattest person I know!
**I dont' feel like people take me seriously since i've gotten big
*** "" I'm the butt of everyones fat joke :(
**I want confidence and pride in myself!

....I could say some more, but thats good. Another reason to lose?? BOTH my girls are getting bellies!!! I can NOT live with myself if they get to be fat because of me and my weakness! I need to be the rock for my family!!

ANYWHO....Ok, Korrie....what am I gonna do to make tomorrow different?? To break that cycle??? I'm going to.....ok, i'm gonna do a couple things....

**pep talk and prayer RIGHT AWAY
**drink tall glass of water and take vitamins
**get on that exercise bike!!
**healthy breakfast


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