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5/2/11 8:43 P

Thanks guys. :) I'm feeling much better now. I sure did go over my calories... but I am just moving forward. I had a really stressful, emotional day yesterday and I think it triggered some emotional eating for me.

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5/2/11 10:55 A

Hi There - I'd just like to add that one of my favorite motivational thoughts is "fall down 8 times, get up 9".

I've been on a journey to improve my health for almost 3 years. I'm maintaining a 95 lbs weight loss. Now if you think I haven't had days in there where i overate, or ate the wrong thing, you would be wrong. What got me to where I am is that i don't let that keep me from getting up the next morning and starting over.

Today is a new day, and you can do this!

AMZY68 Posts: 400
5/2/11 10:15 A

I did the same yesterday :( BUT I stopped myself before it turned into a full out binge and although I did go over my calorie goals I'm proud of myself for moving on from it and I'm determined to do better today!

Do you exercise a lot? If you do then check your fitness settings are right because if you get hungry your calorie goal could be too low. Just an idea.. good luck anyway!

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5/2/11 9:30 A


Be sure you are eating within your calorie range and know that allowing yourself to get too hungry can be one of the biggest triggers for overindulgence. Eating every 3 hours has been shown to help some members stay on track since this better controls blood sugar levels. And don't forget to add a little protein, too.

I hope this helps! You have done an amazing job!!!


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5/2/11 9:05 A

I felt so hungry yesterday and I just couldn't resist temptation. I ate over my calories and I'm super sad. :( I really want to get back into the swing of things and lose some weight, but I feel hungry all the time! I feel like such a failure right now. :(

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