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VATRUCKER SparkPoints: (20,629)
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4/18/13 7:52 P

I have the same feelings sometime, and I have been known to eat a snack, calling it a reward. stick with the water though

BIERMA Posts: 836
4/18/13 4:41 P

I'm one bite away from a binge!! Ahhh! Ideas...tried drinking h20, removing my weakness foods, any other ideas or advice?

THOMS1 Posts: 12,799
4/18/13 4:11 P

Sometimes we just get bone tired and it's time to take it easy. Get some rest, tomorrow is a new day and life continues.

COANNIE SparkPoints: (9,512)
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4/18/13 2:21 P

It sounds like you were exhausted and needed some sleep. Take it as a gift and just eat well for the rest of the day, take a walk with the kids and have a good morning tomorrow.

I have needed a bit more sleep this week too, we've had cold weather and I am just sleepy. Nothing wrong with listening to your body.

IAMBIZI Posts: 5,301
4/18/13 2:01 P

listen to your body, maybe you needed the extra rest.
don't be too hard on yourself.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (191,675)
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4/18/13 1:55 P


One over indulgent breakfast or even day's worth of eating too much WILL NOT make or break your healthy lifestyle. We all have had times we ate a little too much. That will not ruin your day or your week. It happens to us all. As long as this doesn't happen every day, you'll be fine.

Don't beat yourself up over this. If you ate more mindfully for the rest of the day, that's what counts. As I tell all new members and anyone who will listen to me,"Don't look at good health or weight loss with an all or nothing mentality". If the only healthy thing you did was drink 8 glasses of water today, that's still a step in the right direction.

Good health isn't "all or nothing". Don't try to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect to be healthy.

SLIMMERKIWI Posts: 26,154
4/18/13 12:19 A

Hi - what your experience is a fairly common one for all of us. Often something unplanned comes along and puts a spoke in the wheel, so to speak.

Apart from that, did you eat anything different for breakfast? Perhaps high processed carbs/sugars, and none or very little complex carbs or protein? This could leave you feeling rather flat and tired.


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4/17/13 7:27 P


Things will get in our way from time to time, but remember every bit of activity that we do matters. So if all you can do is walk in place that trumps sitting on the sofa. I am a firm believer in being more active--we're not talking about formal exercise--but just getting up and moving can be a huge motivator to helping us reach our goals. Remember you do not have to have a perfect life to live a healthy life--and every minute of every day brings us the opportunity to making healthier choices regardless of how we ate earlier in the day.

Coach Nancy

4/17/13 7:12 P

I got derailed this morning, when my son changed the plan and I lost my work out time. I then went to work, left after about a half hour and crawled back into bed. I ate too much at breakfast, and then sleep all day. Not sure what's going on, but I could sleep for hours more. I got up to Spark for the day, and be awake when my kids come home from school.

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