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12/23/12 12:31 P

Try just coloring your roots and dragging a little through in small sections! I try to vary my color slightly each time for a more natural look! Also remember to have fun....It is just color anf you can change it!!!!! I color every 4 weeks. And yes I have reddish brown hair.

12/23/12 10:21 A

freshly colored this myself. my hair grows fast too, I color every 4 weeks...and since its very thick and longer ( shoulder length) they charge me extra at the salon emoticon I do it myself and it turns out very nice, I get compliments on my hair color.

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12/23/12 10:14 A

I have almost solid gray in the front and it grows so fast that I have to color my roots every 3 wks which of course stretches into 4. It is gray at my hair line so I have to color. I do it myself as I don't have money to pay someone.

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12/22/12 10:38 P

I normally go to a salon and get the roots done and add highlights when need to treat myself. But I forgot and was too busy and now my salon is closed over Christmas so was thinking of doing it myself. Lots of advice here. Thanks

NFLATTE Posts: 8,975
12/22/12 10:18 P

You are brave AND confident...Me...Not so much!

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12/22/12 10:14 P


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12/22/12 8:33 P

I'm going to color mine in a couple day. I always do it myself. I also cut my own hair with some help of DH.

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12/22/12 5:42 P

I do my own and have done so for 20+ years (early gray hair) and have very good results. I have heard that red is the hardest to do and get good results. I stick with medium ash brown with gold highlights.

HANDYV Posts: 24,624
12/22/12 5:35 P

I used to color my own hair all the time - now I settle for the gray to just do it's thing

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12/22/12 12:52 P

Ok I did it and it turned out beautiful! Now to stay focused and learn the program....little by little!

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12/22/12 12:12 A

Oh, you're brave!!!!

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12/21/12 9:46 P

Maybe it will look better tomorrow. emoticon

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12/21/12 9:20 P

I just used My first order only cost me shipping. I do like how it turned out and I think it's better than the store bought brands. Here is the link. It might be worth checking out.



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12/21/12 4:38 P

i color my hair because its cheaper but only when i have finished a 10 week swimming point coloring when the chlorine water is going to wash it out.....on the funny side by the end of the 10 weeks teaching swimming my hair is always bleached at the ends because of the chorine and starts turning a light green......Who needs to go to a hair dresser for a punk hair style lol.
truth is you are still you no matter what color your hair is

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,890
12/21/12 4:26 P

Coloring your hair yourself usually leads to problems like yours. I am never going to color my hair myself ever again

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12/21/12 2:48 P

Often times things look worse too the one wearing it. I will just bet that if you go to church on Sunday wearing your best clothes and your best smile - you will get compliments on your hair!!! DO NOt - i repeat - DO NOT disregard those compliments by "announcing" your coloring problem. Just accept those compliments gracefully!!!

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12/21/12 1:35 P

Ok...I just started the tracking system for the first time yesterday. So...I'm gonna dye my hair today to brighten my attitude towards myself and maybe boosting my success! Ha! Whatever it takes huh? I'm 57 and need support.

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12/5/12 9:35 P

L'Oreal Preference. Works great...but I've never done Auburn. Hope your issue is resolved soon though. I had a friend who tried to color her natural blonde hair and it turned bright orange.

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12/5/12 9:29 P

Just get a good brand permanent color and redo it. I've been coloring since I was 19, except when I was pregnant two times, and I'm 66. Blonde is what I've been all these years, someday I'll let it go natural, but not yet, I feel "grey" when I see grey coming in. Personal decision for anyone, of course.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 14,890
12/5/12 7:36 P

I used to color my own hair. And I only ruined it. No matter what color I used it turned orange. And it was like straw.

Now I get highlights from the most awesome stylist. My hair is beautiful, long, soft and healthy. Worth every penny.

A box of color can't suggest lowlights to soften the highlights. A box of color can't say, oh no that color will wash you out. How about this color, instead?

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FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
12/5/12 6:04 P

I am 52 and keep waiting for my hair to turn the pretty steel-grey my Mom's was or the snow white Grandma had! emoticon

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12/5/12 5:58 P

Agree w/FP4H gray hair is in, especially a streak and "frosting" (salt & pepper). You are lucky to have it, but it like curly vs straight hair, you always want the opposite of what you have. Have fun w/colors. You can either change it or let it grow out.

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12/5/12 5:51 P

Online Now  • ))
Had a salon years ago, and got spoiled. But I've been cutting and coloring my hair for years . . . got tired of spending too much $$$ only to have to come home and try to fix what the 'professional' did to me.

My hair was a light/medium brown when I was younger but I've had a gray streak on the right side (started when I was 16). So, now (since I'm mostly 'salt' . . . not too much pepper left) it's easy to play around and add the color that I want, where I want it.

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FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
12/5/12 5:45 P

Grey hair is "in" this year! Don't be afraid to be yourself!

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"Getting through trials doesn't reveal our strength. (No, the trials do a pretty good job of that.) Getting through trials reveals God's grace and produces our character. So yes, get up. If God allows, get up to fight the good fight. But as you wipe the dust off your back, don't pat."
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JEFFGIRL Posts: 8,193
12/5/12 5:25 P

My husband always colors my hair and does a great job. Just once he made a mistake and it came out looking black. Hated it-I am medium brown naturally. At my salon my hairdresser said she could fix it-it took two visits and was expensive, but was worth it. My little grandson-2 1/2 pointed to my hair and said "Black!". I said "Yes". Then he asked "Why did you do that?"

CATIEBELLE Posts: 6,201
12/5/12 5:20 P

I have my daughter color my hair and it always looks great because we buy a good brand of hair color. I have it done at the salon when I have coupons or get a special price and my daughter had her hair done at a beauty school and it was done better than the salon and a whole lot cheaper.

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12/2/12 11:43 P


12/2/12 11:06 P

Get a friend to do it! My grand daughter did her own colour (she likes it orange....) but it came out badly, so she asked me to do it for her. I did it under a good light, very carefully and it looks great - I am now her official hair colourist!

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12/2/12 7:22 P

That's one thing I don't have the courage or self confidence to try to do. emoticon

CAROLIAN SparkPoints: (107,800)
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12/2/12 10:34 A

I always color my own hair if i do it i do not like the smell in salons though i do go there to get a trim emoticon

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12/2/12 9:55 A

I only highlight but someday will probably cover the grey, or maybe not as I have earned them!

ARTSYGIRLV2 Posts: 1,232
12/2/12 8:19 A

I do everything to my own hair, color (used to), cut, perm, condition, whatever, and have for most of my adult life. I'm not cheap and would gladly pay someone to do these things for me, but nobody pleases me as much as I do.

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12/1/12 11:11 P

I'm too nervous to even try coloring my hair. I'd love a change, but I worry too much ! I'm so jealous of the confidence y'all show . . .

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
12/1/12 10:05 P

I can tell you one thing. Use the kind with no ammonia in it. Ammonia is hard on your hair and causes major split ends.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
12/1/12 8:16 P

Me too

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,260)
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12/1/12 8:15 P

I've been coloring my own for years and have never had it done at a salon. i started with trying to match my natural color...medium to light brown. i tried darker shades a few times. It never looked horrrible and was not such that I'd be tempted to recolor before 6 weeks were up. But I have decided I like a lighter shade better than darker so I now consistently use Loreal Medium Blonde. It looks kind of golden blonde-brown and I like it. I won't even try really blonde hair. I have two very blonde sisters and there is part of me that likes not being blonde and proving that brunettes have as much, if not more fun! My hair is light though and some would call it blonde. It certainly is not light blonde like my sisters.

ANARIE Posts: 12,843
12/1/12 3:42 P

Also, if you have any red tones in your natural color, DON'T use a red or auburn color. It's never going to match your own tone, and it will end up looking purple. Instead, try a brown or dark blonde (slightly lighter than your natural shade) with "warm" or "golden" in the name. It will emphasize your natural reds instead of competing with them, and the gray will take up a little less of the color, so what's gray will look like highlights.

I use the cheapest brand of coloring I can find (I never pay more than $7 after coupons, and usually manage to get it for $3 or less!), and I've had people refuse to believe that it's not natural because there are so many "highlights." I've only had it colored professionally once, because it looks MUCH better when I do it myself. The expensive salon color looked like expensive salon color. The cheap bottle at the bathroom sink looks real.

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12/1/12 2:45 P


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KKLENNERT809 Posts: 9,618
12/1/12 2:17 P

I tried it once just recently and wasn't happy with the results. I made an appt and had it done in the salon. Looks better.

I did my best today, tomorrow I will do even better.
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12/1/12 1:39 P

I never colored my hair, and I am almost all gray. Believe me, I earned every strand. I get perms. It is one or the other. You perm or color. I perm.


12/1/12 1:08 P

I've been colouring my hair now for over a year and I am really happy with the results. I agree that you should use a permanent colour for covering grey. I also suggest to stay as close as possible to your natural hair colour.

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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
12/1/12 12:30 P

Awww sorry to hear that , my hubby does my hair we use Perfect 10 and it comes out so natural looking.... I tell my husband Paco needs to come for a visit hahaha (Paco is what we call him when I need a hair coloring hahaha ) ...
He'll say you sure u don't want to go to a hairdresser? hahaha Money is so tight all the time not just holiday season so I say you kidding? you know how much money I'm saving us! hahaha

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EOWYN2424 Posts: 6,788
12/1/12 10:28 A

I always color my hair myself, can't afford to go to my regular hairdresser to get it done, he's so expensive, I only go to him for haircuts and treatments. The treatments I'm trying to stretch to 6 or 7 weeks once instead on once a month. But my hair is starting to drop too many strands and I'm getting worried, I will be going for my hair and scalp treatments next Thursday. I will be going for a haircut next Tuesday and color my hair on Wednesday night prior to the Thursday. So I will look glam for Christmas. It's my Christmas treat!

GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
12/1/12 10:08 A

My mother had a similar thing happen, only she used a permanent hair color. I LOVED it on her. Made her look in her early 40's instead of nearly 60. (She has a young face.) She changed it to a darker auburn, less than a week later, and just was sure to leave the conditioner in longer and let it air dry rather than blow dry.

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AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 788
12/1/12 9:28 A

Hey there, I'm actually a hair dresser so I thought I could give you some advice.

The problem is that you choose a non permanent formula (think of it as a water color.) Non permanent colors are suppose to be kind of like a tint or a shiny top coat. It doesn't penatrate the hair strand like a permanent color does. To make a major color change (from light to dark, or in your case white/gray to auburn) the hair actually needs the underlying pigment from the desired level in order to be able to hold the color.

So let's use an example... Let's say you have a brown piece of construction paper, this will represent someone with brown hair. And then let's say you have a white or very light gray piece of paper, this will be you or someone with gray hair. If you take a red brown water color and paint over top of the brown paper, it's going to tint the brown paper to a more brownish red. That's because brown already has the pigment (red or redish orange) to hold the color of the desired level (which I'm assuming in your case is at least a level 5 or below.) Now if you paint that same water color over the white piece of paper, it's not going to look good. It will probably tint the paper and look like a muddy mess. That's because the gray/white paper does not have the underlying pigment to hold that darker color.

Lighter gray and white hair has an absence of pigment which is necessary to hold color that is brown, red, black, etc. Additionally, temporary or semi-permanent color is not formulated to cover gray. Only permanent color can do that. The bad news is that the color you put on your hair probably isn't going to wash all the way out. Semi permanent colors have a track record for leaving a slight stain of color on the hair strand, even after "X" amount of washes.

However, all is not lost! Just go back to the store, and buy another box of color that is permanent color. If they have one especially for gray hair, that's even better. Then go back home, touch up your root area only, and let the color process. Then when it's time to wash the color out in the shower, get the rest of your hair damp, the mush the color all through your hair (as if you were shampooing with the remaining color.) Let it sit for 3-5 minutes and then shampoo and condition. This will ensure that not only your gray is covered, but that the color in the rest of your hair is vibrant and refreshed as well.

If you are too afraid to use a box again, I would check and see if there is a Paul Mitchell school or an Aveda school in your area. Every single student is supervised by an instructor, (that means when they are matching up and formulating your color, an instructor will have the final say) and it's much more affordable. A color retouch is one of those things that is nearly impossible to mess up lol. As students, we practice that from the first few weeks of school. Some people get nervous about going to a school, but I think it's the safest place to go! You get the opinion of the student, and of the experienced instructor. I would not advise getting a cut at the school though, because then you are totally in that students hands. ;)

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
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12/1/12 8:52 A

Good morning. Wsearcher, all is not lost. I started getting gray hair at 18 and have colored my hair myself ever since - just do it more frequently now. Perhaps you chose the wrong color on the package - the color you used to be or want to be. I chose to always color my hair as close to natural as possible - medium golden brown. Now I am trying to find the "right" color a shade or two lighter to keep with my aging skin tone.

KKKAREN Posts: 12,223
12/1/12 8:28 A

Don't give up try a different color and/or brand

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
12/1/12 7:48 A

that's a shame
My hubby usually does mine, and it's usually a good job.
Perhaps it's the colour you chose

FITMOM1969 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/1/12 2:56 A

Aww don't worry it happens to the best of us, just wash and condition until Sunday it will come out plenty since most of those at home kits aren't permanent even when they say it is generally it washes out every time you wet the hair. At home hair coloring takes practice it works with a lot of research and the right brand I've colored and processed my own hair at home for years when I desired a change and my hair looks good and is in good condition. I've only been to the salon on special occassions or if I want a special cut I couldn't duplicate at home myself. Check out some of the videos on on how to color, cut and style your hair. Keep up the good work, next time will be better. emoticon emoticon

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12/1/12 2:22 A

Ack! I normally go to the beauty shop to get my gray covered, but it's the holiday season an money is tight. I thought I could save a little money and return my auburn hair to a no gray state myself. I decided on one of those non-permanent formulas in case I didn't like the color. OMG! it looks bad! I look like an older lady with the fakey-looking red hair. Yikes! I will be washing my hair everyday until it washes out. I am not looking forward to church on Sunday. What a sight!

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