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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,593
4/20/13 7:20 A

If you go to your tracker, click Tracker Options at the top and click to Change Diet Setttings, you can manually adjust your calorie range from there. Just keep in mind that any time you go back to change something about your goals, that calorie range will default back to our recommendations. It also won't automatically change your nutrient ranges (protein, fat and carbs.) You'll have to manually calculate and change each one.

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

LYSMYMISS53 Posts: 24
4/20/13 5:51 A

How do I customize my daily caloric intake? I had Bariatric surgery (sleeve) and my nutritionist wants me to only consume between 800-1000.

UNOFANT Posts: 11
3/4/13 3:00 P

Thanks Coach! I ended up changing it back. Oddly enough, I must have updated something as it had 'changed' my goals from the 1500-1800 I changed it to to something like 1900-2300. I think my excessive working out and cardio are screwing up my charting!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,593
3/4/13 12:38 P

Your calorie recommendations are based on your current weight, goal weight, how long you've given yourself to lose the weight and how much exercise you're doing. So double-check to make sure those numbers are right and if they are, I'd suggest staying in the ranges that SP suggests.

Coach Jen

3/4/13 12:13 P

I've fidgeted a bit with my own range. I've found that I do best if I eat 1200-1550 most of the time, but occasionally bump it up to 1500-1800, especially during weeks when I have extra activity in my schedule.

Somebody here on SP described that as "cycling" or some such thing...and it seems to be working for me. Experiment! Figure out what works best for you!

UNOFANT Posts: 11
3/4/13 11:51 A

That is a good question. I joined over a year ago, but didn't give the program a fair shake, and when I recently got back on the SP backwagon, those goals were already there...I assume SP made that suggestion, as I would have never thought to make those ranges so specific.

You introduce an interesting topic of making the range too low...I wonder how I can prove or disprove if the new goal is too low. Viewing my meals and even snacks over the last 2 weeks, I am rarely getting in the 1800 (floor) range.

I might need to change it back..!..idk

3/4/13 11:42 A

Did SP recommend the first range? How long did you eat at that recommended level?

If you make your range too low, your body could go into "starvation mode" and fight your efforts to lose weight.

UNOFANT Posts: 11
3/4/13 11:37 A

OK is another question for the seasoned SP. Today I changed my calorie intake from 1800 - 2100 to 1500-1800....the original seemed very high and I found myself taking advantage of the extra calories I had available for intake towards the end of the made the adjustment.

My question is, when changing the Calorie intake goal, should the other metrics that I'm tracking (Carbs, Fat, Protein) also be proportionally changed? The system didn't make any suggestions to what any new targets should be so hopefully someone has a calculation or suggested values I should adjust to.

As always, thanks for the responses.

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