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12/20/13 2:49 P

Hello, coffee is a stimulant and if it helps you workout go for it. Some can go without caffeine and others find it helps. In my opinion there is no right or wrong do what works best for you.

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12/20/13 2:19 P

archi -

you try running 10 miles with 8 at marathon pace at 5 am without coffee and tell me how fun it is.

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12/20/13 1:45 P

I say whatever gets you out the door and moving, go for it.

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12/20/13 1:19 P

"I would never go running at 5 am without caffeine either."

I do it all the time. I have some water before I go so that I don't get dehydrated.


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12/20/13 1:14 P

I would never go running at 5 am without caffeine either.

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12/20/13 1:13 P

There's nothing wrong with having a cup of coffee. There are plenty of studies that indicate drinking 1-2 cups could help us live longer lives.

Have you tried taking a walk without having a cup of coffee ? It seems to me, your problem isn't the coffee, it's your mindset. You've convinced yourself that without coffee, you can't exercise. Do you say you can't clean the house because you don't have any energy from a cup of coffee ? Do you tell yourself you can't carry home all those bags of groceries because you need a cup of coffee ?

If you have plenty of energy to perform your normal day's activities without a cup of coffee, then you don't really need coffee to get through a workout. If you find that you need motivation to exercise, then it's probably time to change your routine. Exercise should be something we enjoy. because when we enjoy doing something, we look forward to doing that something each and every day.

Why not try taking a 30 minute walk without having any coffee. If you can walk for 30 minutes without needing to call a taxi to take you home, you don't need that cup of coffee before your exercise routine either.

Just a few thoughts.

12/20/13 12:44 P

I can do a little bit of exercise, but without caffeine I quickly I lose my willingness to move, after like 10 minutes sometimes quicker.
I never was dependent on caffeine before I started exercising but now when I am feeling lazy I have coffee, and just like that I am ready to exercise again.

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