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2/2/13 11:23 P

Way to go, Mrs. Mita!!

You're right - it won't change over night. But you are making some wonderful steps! I, too, had to track bad binge nights. But it is good to see the numbers sometimes. Sometimes that can help me keep on track. "Ugg, I won't want to track this" or "Now I know how many calories that has, maybe I can opt for this other food instead, or eat half the amount" or just that it helps me be aware, even if I don't change the habit yet -- at least you gain some knowledge. At that's still an important step to help you prepare for making active changes.

And definitely try new therapists! :) If you find it's not the right fit, keep looking. We don't "click" with every person we meet and become best friends with them all; and you won't always click with a therapist. Find one you feel comfortable with, and who has training in emotional eating.

I know how that black and white thinking can be!! I used to be the same :) But I find one of the biggest reasons changes don't stick is because we make them too big (for some, that works! For many, it doesn't.) Baby steps!! And if the baby-step goal you make is one that you STILL struggle with, break it down even future :)

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2/1/13 11:35 P

Thanks for all the tips, advise, and support!

I can't figure out why I binge. I know boredom makes me want to turn to food. I crave it when I'm happy, when I'm sad, really almost always. After starting to read all the responses coming in I've recommitted myself!

I just did 2 days binge free and with all your support I've decided to track my food, even on the bad days. I wasn't tracking on bad days because I was too embarrassed but after feeling desperate enough for help & support when I posted here on the message boards I can see that even if I'm embarrassed people are very helpful and supportive and not judgemental. I think if I track consistently and try to note my emotions it could help me figure out my triggers.

After all the good tips & advice I'm going to try not to keep binge food in the house as much I've not been doing a good job of this out of fear that I will "need" it later when I fail, but I thinks it's been setting me up for failure. Someone else suggesting binging on healthy food if I must binge. I'm going to try that. I've never tried that before, it's been all or nothing for me. NIRERIN said, "Don't start where you want to be, start where you are." - That really struck a cord with me because I always try to start to fast and hard, fail, get discouraged, and give up entirely. My black and white thinking always does me in! Uuurgghhh! I'm going to try to start with smaller steps instead of saying, "I'm not going to binge any more!" That isn't realistic right now but I'm going to do weekly goals with all the great tips I got from all of you who so kindly responded.

I'm going to try to look at what I'm eating too, making sure I'm getting the right balance of fiber, protein, ect. to make sure I feel full. I tend to just count calories but I may sometimes not be getting the right balance of nutrients which won't help me feel full and may make it harder to give into the temptation to binge.

I have tried OA before and it didn't click. Maybe I wasn't ready, maybe I needed to give it more time or something. Like KASHII's sister, maybe Food Addicts Anonymous will be a better fit for me so I'm going to try that. I think my problem is more emotional eating and if that group focus more on the emotions motivating the behavior I may have more success figuring out what my triggers are and changing my behavior. Maybe I should try finding a therapist too. I have been to therapy in the past and it helped somewhat but not entirely, but I'm sure it's one of those things where you have to keep working at it.

Thanks to all of you I have a lot of good tips to try. I know I won't fix this overnight but after hearing everyone's encouragement I know I can make strides and I can do better with this. When I fall of the wagon I'm not going to give up. I'm going to track my eating habits every day, good or bad, to figure out my triggers. I'm have some great suggestions to try that I know will help and I'm going to look for support through Food Addicts Anonymous or a therapist. You guys have all really given me so much motivation!!!

I really appreciate everyone's tips and encouragement! The support you've all given me through your responses has really been AMAZING!!! Thank you all soooooo much!!!

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1/25/13 3:59 P

I just noticed your height at the bottom of your post - 4' 9". Given the weight you are recorded at now, you are already at a healthy BMI - just on 21. I wouldn't be inclined to want to go any lower!!


1/25/13 11:05 A

Well I dont know how short you are but a goal of 85lbs Is probably why you are craving junk food. o.n a weight and height chart a woman 4'10 would be expected to weigh a minimum of 102. And I dont think you are that small by your pics.

1/25/13 10:56 A

Eating a lot of fiber in the form of salads, fresh fruit, vegetables, beans, and whole wheat helps me. That and drinking a lot of water and green tea. When your tummy is full of nutritious food, the junk is less appealing. If you're not used to eating this way, gradually increase the fiber in your diet to avoid stomach-aches.

Since these kind of foods are naturally the most nutritious, this has the added benefit of being good for your hair and skin and overall general health and beauty. When I ate a lot of junk I had kind of a gray pallor. I guess if you live on Cheetos and french fries -- well, you look like a person who lives on Cheetos and french fries. I have to remind myself of that.

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1/25/13 9:41 A

I joined the Emotional Eaters team here on SP. It has really helped me. You really start realizing your binges are about something. And even if you already know that - you get to realize so many other people understand. SP has some very supportive people, great articles and healthy tips on how to really combat binge eating caused by stress and emotions.

Remember - you are not in this alone.

First step - quit using the word can't. See how many days you can go. emoticon

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1/25/13 9:07 A

don't start where you want to be, start where you are, junk foods and all. then slowly work on replacing the junkier stuff for better stuff. in other words, don't cut the doritos out cold turkey [you seem to have already proven time and time again that that does not work for you] have two or three less doritos and a half a cup of broccoli. or carrots. or anything that actually contributes something to your diet. once you get used to that, scale the doritos back again and add something else a little better. when you make a dish like a casserole, cut back on the fat and add a little more vegetable matter. easing yourself in like this can help you gradually change your tastebuds so that other things taste more appealing and more satisfying than junk foods.

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1/25/13 8:51 A

Here is what has worked for me. I like both sweet and salty snacks.

1. Identify the foods you crave the most and do not bring them in the house.

2. Take about 200 to 300 calories of your daily calorie allowance food and make snacks. I suggest making a plate of hors doerves using cucumber or sliced tomato as the base, take a slice of deli turkey or ham and put a small square on it, top with FF free cheese, a cheese slice cut up small, a dab of FF salad dressing--be creative and make em pretty. Garnish with a slice of olive, sprig of parsley--whatever. Season with salt, pepper, paprika, whatever--its your snack. Everytime you go to the fridge, take one. This makes a large plate of snacks--at least 20.

3. Make a sugar free jello, you can eat the whole thing. Add a dab of FF Reddi Whip Cream spray

4. Make a sugar free pudding, like butterscotch, Use FF milk, top with a dusting of cinnamon and a dab of FF Reddi whip if desired. 4 servings--but eat the whole thing in 4 sittings...

5. Eat Sugarfree popsicles, only 15 calories a piece and you can have several.

6. Make a 100 calorie popcorn

7. 14 reduced fat Triscuits--nice substitute for potato chips.

Hope this helps. Please try one. Finally, hers what I think---If you are mindlessly eating you are out of control--you are feeding an emotional need--thats why you can't stop. Chewing is your way of making yourself feel better....

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1/25/13 5:27 A

1/25/13 5:11 A

*hug* hang in there!! Food addiction can be hard to break. And it can take time.

Any idea what triggers it? Certain time of day? Certain emotions (stress, boredom, tired, celebratory, etc?) certain food types (crunchy, salty, sweet, etc)?

Would you be satisfied binging on something healthy? I know dealing with the underlying cause of WHY you have the desire to binge is important, but while you're working on that, are there other foods that are lower calorie? Roast up a bunch of veggies (cauliflower, bell pepper, squash, leek, etc with a drizzle of olive oil and some herbs), or devour an entire watermelon, or steam up 3 heads of broccoli? (steamed broccoli has been my go-to "binge" food when I have that desire!)

Any idea what "need" is fulfilled by the binge? Just the need to have that stuffed, "satisfied" feeling? Work off some aggression by chomping on chips? Comfort from soft snacks?

I think if you can discover the WHYS of your cravings, you may be able to start pinpointing healthier ways to deal with it. My sister joined Food Addicts Anonymous, and found help. I forget exactly how they differ from OA, but she said it seemed a better fit for her, and focused more on the emotional side than just nutrition ed.

Just some thoughts.

TRYINGHARD1948 Posts: 19,906
1/25/13 2:43 A

This is a link to "How to Stop Binge Eating". Not sure if this is your problem but hope it helps

MRS.MITA Posts: 888
1/25/13 2:19 A

Help please! I can't stick to my diet and I'm always pigging out! I don't know how to stop pigging out and resist the cravings and urges to eat a lot of junk food. No matter what I do I have so much trouble resisting the urge to overeat. It's not hunger because I'm eating a lot more then it takes to be full. I just love to eat (but also hate it too in a way). On a really good weak I can resist the urge to pig out and stick to a reasonable diet twice a week (by diet I mean more like healthy, normal eating, not anything restrictive), but it's hard to even resist the urges 2 days a week and I usually can't even go 2 days a week without overeating. I've read a lot of tips about keeping busy and distracting yourself when you have cravings but I am usually not successful resisting the urge to eat a lot. I have even tried overeaters anonymous (that was years ago now) but I couldn't stick to the plan. How can I stick to a healthy diet?

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